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Performance Talent

Supporting rowers with amazing potential to be the best they can be!


British Rowing’s Performance Talent Team passionately believes in supporting and expanding the ambitions of rowers who show potential between the J15 and U23 age groups regardless of their background or circumstances, to achieve their ambitions.

We offer several exciting opportunities to work with both rowers and coaches.

England Rowing

Whether you’re looking to earn your first international vest at a Home International Rowing competition or have aspirations to compete at the first Commonwealth Games since 1986, representing England is a truly unique experience.

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Student Development Programme

Even if you start rowing at university you still have the potential to make it to the top of our sport. Our student programme supports university rowers and coaches to be the best they can be.

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Women’s Development Programme

Our female-focused programme looks at supporting women of any ability and coaches to learn how you can bring out your full potential.

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J16 Sculling Camp

This is a development opportunity for J16 athletes and their coaches. It brings together J16s from across the country to row in crew boats and experience what it’s like on a GB Rowing Team training camp.

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Diploma In Sporting Excellence (DiSE)

DiSE supports talented young athletes to combine sport and education so that they have the skills, knowledge and competence to pursue sporting excellence alongside a career.

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Ongoing support

Rowers attending any of our programmes will be invited to take part in the Performance Talent Rower Report. The reports produced are designed to give a snapshot of the rower and enable the rower, the coach and us to give the best advice on where to focus your development.


Why do you only have information for England Teams?

British Rowing is responsible for the training and selection of individual rowers and crews representing Great Britain and England, and for participation in and the development of rowing in England. British Rowing does not govern rowing or the selection of teams in Scotland or Wales. This is done by Scottish Rowing and Welsh Rowing, respectively.

Why don’t you take on anyone younger than J15?

J14s and under will still have a lot of growing and developing to do. We advise anyone under the age of 14 to take part in a broad range of sporting activities to develop general fitness and co-ordination. Use any time on the water to enjoy yourself whilst developing skills and technique. We would love for you to take part in one of our programmes when you reach the correct age!

Why is your upper age limit U23?

To make it to the top takes time. We work with people that have many years ahead of them to learn and develop the skills required to make it as far as possible.

Why do your Student and Women’s Development Programmes have height criteria?

Many of the most successful rowers are tall. This is because their long levers (arms and legs) help to gain maximum propulsion and make the boat go faster.  The Performance Talent Team is, therefore, looking to work with people with this attribute.

Will I be encouraged to move club if I take part in a Performance Talent Programme?

NO! We want to help you develop as much as possible in your home club. This will not only help you develop in an environment you are used to; it will help develop your coach and club learn new approaches and to develop more rowers in the future.

If appropriate and at the right time we would support and advise you in transitioning to a new club. This might be when you are moving from junior to senior, moving home or simply wishing to move to a larger programme.

Who can I talk to or ask a question not found here?

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Performance Talent Team or it’s programmes please contact James Andrews, British Rowing’s Head of Performance Talent.

British Rowing’s Performance Talent Team is funded by Sport England.

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