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Kent Rowing erg-a-thon fundraiser

Image of Kent Rowing Club rowers

Kent Rowing is part way through their major annual fundraising erg-a-thon running from 7th – 11th February 2011.

Half the funds from the event will go towards the Club, helping to purchase new equipment and improve operational support, the other half of the money raised will be donated to the British Rowing Foundation – a charity promoting rowing for young people and the disabled of all ages.


Rowers from Kent Rowing will continue to take shifts over the course of the week. You can find the rowers and show your support on Wednesday 9th at the Sports Pavilion in Parkwood, Thursday 10th at Rutherford College and finally on Friday at Keynes College.

For more information about Kent Rowing, the erg-a-thon and how to donate visit

Anna Horsfield
Press and Funding Officer
Kent Rowing