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New rules for 2011 Head of the River Fours


The Head of the River Fours has implemented a number of changes ahead of the 2011 race in November, including the removal of the club and academic split in the Intermediate 2 coxed fours events.

Following the success of the Junior coxed fours events in 2010, the committee will be retaining these events for 2011 with the same entry conditions (only one entry per club or school in each of Open and Women’s J4+, with no composite entries and no point minimum applying).


Senior events will return to the 2011 HOR4s, with the re-introduction of Open Senior coxless fours and the introduction of a Women’s Senior coxless fours event – the first Women’s Senior event to be offered.

The biggest change for 2011 is in the Intermediate 2 coxed fours events, where a club and academic split will no longer be offered. However the ‘no composite’ rule has been dropped.

Alongside this, the points minimum for all crews entered in Sweep events – excepting Junior coxed fours events and overseas crews – will be raised to eight points with immediate effect.

The events on offer at the 2011 HOR4s will be:


OPEN Elite; Elite lwt; IM1; Junior 

WOMEN Elite; Elite lwt; IM1; Junior


OPEN Elite; Senior; IM1 

WOMEN Elite; Senior; IM1


OPEN Elite; IM1; IM2; Junior 

WOMEN IM1; IM2; Junior

Entries for the 2011 race will close on Friday 21st October or earlier if the race is fully subscribed.

The 2011 Head of the River Fours will take place on Saturday 5th November, at 9.30am.