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River & Rowing Museum to launch Knowing Rowing programme

The River & Rowing Museum is launching Knowing Rowing – a brand new programme to inspire and excite young athletes in the lead up to 2012.

Knowing Rowing, which the Henley-based museum is due to launch on Thursday 14 September, is built on three themes: ‘Making History’, ‘Dare to Dream’, and ‘Tell the World’.


Topics incorporated in these themes include:

The social history of rowing

The science and technology of boat-building

The heroes of rowing past and present

Rowing journalism and photography

The programme aims to show young people exactly what it takes to become an Olympic rower in the modern age, as well as demonstrating the many and varied aspects of bringing our sport to the general public.

Knowing Rowing’s September 14th launch will be free for young rowers from clubs and schools, but booking is essential.

Knowing Rowing is a project I’m immensely proud to be part of,” said World Rowing Federation Council member and Olympic Silver medallist Guin Batten. “It’s all about young rowers getting closer to the roots of rowing – something that is very close to my heart. Rowing has such an amazing heritage and sharing this with young people in dynamic and exciting ways through Knowing Rowing will be great fun, and an invaluable resource for the sport.”

For more information about Knowing Rowing, visit the River & Rowing Museum website.