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West Midlands hosts first Regional Training Day

West Midlands Regional Training Day

The first West Midlands Regional Training Day took place at the West Midlands Rowing Centre, Worcester, on Saturday 17th September.

A total of 14 athletes (nine men and five women) attended. All clubs in attendance sent a coach to support their athletes.


West Midlands Regional Development Coach (Andrew Roe) and CDO (Jo Atkinson) were both present for the duration of the session.

This was the first Regional training session, which was arranged for the morning and with land-based activities only. The format for the morning was as follows.

Introduction  To the Coaches and to each other, to the Scheme and its objectives. Explanation of the commitment expected from athletes and support required from the clubs and coaches. An explanation of the training programme, weekly training ergos, and training diary. Future training days and competitions.

Anthropometric Tests  Athletes were measured for height, weight, Arm span and mobility (sit and reach) Results were recorded on individual data collection sheets. Additional information on date of birth, club, contact details, BR number, sweep and sculling points and club coaches contact details were also recorded on the sheets.

1K Ergo Test  All athletes completed a 1k test and results were recorded.

Flexibility, Core Stability, Glute Recruitment  An explanation of the importance of these areas of training was given. This was supported by DVD clips and demonstration.

UT2 / Technique Ergo  An explanation of UT2 training and working to heart rate was given. This was followed by the athletes completing a UT2 piece on the ergo. Club coaches were encouraged not to coach their own athletes but to observe and help athletes from other clubs. A strong emphasis was put on technique, posture, correct drive and recovery sequence. 

Feedback  Athletes were encouraged to ask questions and give feedback on the morning. Coaches remained behind after the session to give their views.

Future Training Days / Competitions

The next training day has been planned for 8 October. This will be a full day’s training, and will be water-based.

Three additional clubs have indicated that they will be sending representatives to future training sessions and it is expected that the present group will be up to maximum capacity (24) by this second training day. All participating athletes have been asked to compete at Worcester SBH in their single sculls on 2 October.