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NSPCC’s Child Protection in Sport Unit marks 10th anniversary

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children’s (NSPCC) Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) celebrated its 10th anniversary this week, after a decade of safeguarding children and young people in sport.

The CPSU currently supports 95 sports governing bodies – including British Rowing – in the UK, which have over five million children in their care each week.


For the last 10 years, the CPSU has provided sports organisations with expert child protection advice and guidance, such as ensuring that sports clubs and staff know exactly what to do if they concerns about a child.

‘We can celebrate the huge progress made by sports organisations since the creation of the Child Protection in Sport Unit, by the NSPCC and sports councils across the UK,’ said Anne Tiivas, head of the NSPCC’s Child Protection in Sport Unit. ‘Everyone involved can be rightly proud of themselves.

‘However, we cannot afford to be complacent. Incidents of bullying or sexual harassment still occur and everyone in sport – children and adults – must feel able to report incidents of maltreatment. Children and young people need to know they have a right to take part in sport safely and know who to turn to for help if they need it. 

‘Listening to deaf or disabled children is particularly important, as we know these children are more vulnerable to abuse. We need sport to be far more inclusive and to encourage all children to get involved. The more they are placed at the heart of sport, the better it will be for future generations.’

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