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Explore Rowing launches brand new website

Explore Rowing has launched its brand new website – making it easier than ever to share your thoughts, challenges, and events with the Explore Rowing community.

The site has had a major facelift, and we think it’s more exciting and useful than ever. Take a look, and let us know what you think.


Here’s Explore Rowing Programme Manager Rich Stock to take you through some of the new features of new and improved

Front Page – News & Blogs

‘As you’ve probably noticed, the front page of the site has changed considerably.  We now are able to promote your ‘News & Blog’ articles to the front page – it’s a really good opportunity to get the story of your rowing out there whether it’s about your club, an event or a particular type of rowing.  Keep your posts going up and we’ll feature some on the front page, especially if you have a great photo.’


‘You can now subscribe to posts on the website so you’ll receive an email when there is an update made to that piece of content.  This can help you keep track of posts that you’re particularly interested in.  Just click the ‘Subscribe to: this post’ link at the bottom of any content.  If you later want to unsubscribe, you can view all your subscriptions through your profile page.’

Creating Content

‘Please don’t forget that anyone can create content on the website, you just need to log in using your British Rowing username and password and then you’ll see a box on the top right of the front page with links to create the various different types of content.  We’ve also tried to make these forms easier to understand by including extra help text on each of the items on the form.  If you have any problems adding any content at all please let the team know via’

Routes & Challenges

‘The route and challenge pages have been updated to include some more content.  Previously the description text hadn’t really given enough room for describing the ‘practicalities’ of the route so we’ve added a new tab alongside the photos/video/map tabs.  As a lot of people have great documents already typed up about routes we’ve also provided the opportunity to upload these to routes as ‘file attachments’.’

‘The final addition to these pages is a simple rating system to help people understand the level of difficulty.  Each route can be graded beginner, intermediate, advanced or EXTREME!’

Club Pages

‘All the club pages have been amended to allow you to add extra content.  Any logged in user can add photos or videos to their club’s page and you can also now associate events and news items with a club when you create them.  Those set up as the Club Owners should also be able to edit their club page creating a main image for the club and adding an introductory paragraph.’

Courses & Events

‘Following feedback from clubs around the country, we have now removed the ‘courses’ section of the website – this is because clubs told us they didn’t find it useful.  If you’d like to list any courses from now, on please add them as events.’