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Coaches celebrate success

It’s been another busy few months for coaches up and down the country, and we’re delighted to announce the following coaching successes across the country.

The following coaches have gained Level 2 and Level 3 certificates, and we’d like to offer our sincere congratulations  to every coach named below, and our best wishes as they take their next step up the coaching ladder.


Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Rowing (Sliding Seat)
Karen Blackwood (Ross RC)
Paul Brodholt (Ross RC)
Tom Jones (Hereford Cathedral School BC)
Mike Phillips (Ross RC)
Peter Powell (Worcester RC)
Emily Preece (Ross RC)
Mark Scott (Ross RC)
David Sykes ( Ross RC)
Phoebe-Jane White (City of Cardiff RC)
Andrea Worley (Wimbleball RC)
John Blair (Unattached)
Matthew Brighton (Stourport BC)
Sam Cook (Derby RC)
Maurice Craggs (Bridgnorth RC)
Sam Edwards (Runcorn RC)
Peter Evans (Ancholme RC)
Ariana Frankis (Bradford ARC)
Keith Green (Bridgnorth RC
Natalie Irvine (Unattached)
Hugo Norris (Runcorn RC)
Matt Pilsbury (Bridgnorth RC)
Joanna Porter (Ancholme RC)
Mark Stewart-Woods (Monmouth RC)
Oliver Williams (Tideway Scullers School)
Cathrine Willson (Henley RC)
Carolyn Boddington (Henley RC)
Kevin Horne (Henley RC)
Jo Gentle (Broxbourne RC)
Olivia Walters (Walbrook RC)
Gavin Bell (Collingwood College BC)
Rachael Oakenfull (Durham ARC)
Emily Burke (Avon County RC)
Catherine Gorton-Phillips (Unattached)
Jenna Griffin (Ross RC)
Liz Harries (Leeds RC)
Jon Hore (Grosvenor RC)
Tim Male (Tideway Scullers School)
David Pollard (Bristol University BC)
Ken Stirling (Stratford-upon-Avon BC)
Lotte Sturgess (Ross RC)
Peter Wagner (Reading RC)
Anabelle Barsoum (John O’Gaunt RC)
Charlie Falkus (Minerva Bath RC)
Laura Farquhar (Tyne RC)
Sarah Harker (Tees RC)
Peter Harrison (Chester-le-Street ARC)
Max Higgins (Minerva Bath RC)
Carole MacMurtrie (Chester-le-Street ARC)
Josh Sexton (Christ Church BC)
Jack Stoddart (Merchant Taylors School BC)
Imogen Walsh (London RC)
Kelly Adams (Twickenham RC)
James Cleary (Cantabrigian RC)
Oliver Cobb (Twickenham RC)
Sam Lee-Gill (Birmingham University BC)
Sam Prosser (Longridge BC)
John Upton (City of Cambridge RC)
Kate Wallace (Peterborough City RC)
Andrew Whitbread (Walbrook Teddington Schools)
Richard Wakefield (Castle Dore RC)
Louise Bosworth (Broadland BC)
Giles Dakin-White (Walbrook RC)
Christine Heemskerk (Wallingford RC)
Mark Holden (Stratford-upon-Avon BC)
Luke Russell (Stratford-upon-Avon BC)
Sam Wheatman (University of East Anglia BC)
Natalie Bodnar (Unattached)
David Cairns (Unattached)
Laura Clack (Tyne RC)
Harriet Griffin (British Rowing)
Danielle Hardy (Agecroft RC)
Chris Knowles (Hollingworth Lake RC)
Katrina Lappin (Unattached)
Joelle Lewis (Unattached)
Andrew Seggie (Unattached)
Lisa Taylor (Unattached)
Richard Walsh (Unattached)
Amy Ward (Tyne RC)

Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Rowing (Fixed Seat)
Gill Cox (Mayflower Offshore RC)
Richard Dorrington (Unattached)
Mike White (Unattached)
Jeffrey Wills (Paignton RC)
Katy Spain (Welsh Sea Rowing Association)
Carol Davies (Welsh Sea Rowing Association)
Ian Kavanagh (Welsh Sea Rowing Association)

Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Rowing
Toni Edwards (Runcorn RC)
Philip Gray (University of London BC)
Katy Knowles (St Neots RC)

Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Strength & Conditioning
Carol Cornell (Walton RC)
Philip Gray (University of London BC)

Level 3 Introduction to Assessment Practice in Sport
Madeleine Millichap (British Rowing)
Ian Shore (Rhwyfo Cymru)