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Diamond Jubilee Pageant rowing fleet revealed


A fleet of Explore Rowing boats will feature in the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant, celebrating 60 years since the Queen’s coronation.

Stable Explore Rowing boats from Putney Town, Twickenham, Leicester, and Weyfarers rowing clubs will join a vast array of ‘Manpowered Boats’ at the very front of the June 3rd pageant.


The Explore Rowing craft will join watermen’s cutters, gigs, skiffs, ocean rowing boats, three shallops and the Royal Rowbarge Gloriana – rowed by an 18-strong crew including Sir Steve Redgrave – at the head of 1000 ships.

‘The breadth and high quality of applicants has made the selection process for participating boats very challenging,’ said Pageant Master Adrian Evans.

‘I thank everyone who has responded so enthusiastically to this unique event. We have a wonderful collection of vessels, a wide spectrum of every type of craft from humble kayaks to magnificent tall ships, with rowed shallops, oyster smacks, steamers, cutters, cruisers and barges.’

Amongst the unique rowing boats taking part in the seven-mile long pageant is The Guardian – an ocean rowing boat currently being rowed across the Atlantic by the all-female Row for Freedom crew.

There will also be a replica invasion boat used in Ridley Scott’s 2010 epic Robin Hood, and Viking longboat The Bear.

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