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British Rowing CRB update

British Rowing has a new ‘Declaration of criminal record and CRB application form’, which replaced all earlier versions of WG2.6 as of January 2011.

The new self-declaration form WG2.6 can be accessed via the Welfare section on the British Rowing website:


Completed forms – which now require the applicant’s signature – should be returned by post to Laura Fieldman at British Rowing HQ in Hammersmith. The form should be sent by the applicant themselves, and must not be handed to the CWO or to any other club officer.

British Rowing safeguarding documents remain under review and are constantly subject to revision.

The online resources and documents should therefore always be regarded as the most up to versions.

It would be enormously helpful if, from now on, club officials could ensure that any club volunteer or employee who needs to apply for a CRB is directed to the website to download and printout the current version of WG 2.6.