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Phil Clements becomes FISA umpire


British Rowing would like to congratulate Phil Clements (pictured above right) who passed the FISA Umpires exam in Oslo on Saturday 4th February.

Phil, of Wycliffe College Boat Club and Chairman of WAGS Regional Rowing Council, said that it was a proud moment to be presented with his umpire’s badge by Patrick Rombaut (Chairman of the FISA Umpires Commission) after several years of hard work. He is now looking forward to joining the exclusive list of GB FISA umpires able to represent Great Britain at international events.


Holders of the FISA licence must first have a British Rowing or Scottish Rowing licence, endorsed for multi-lane courses, and must also have completed a qualifying assessment to enable them to be recommended to the FISA Umpiring Commission for examination.