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Staying Safe on the Upper Thames Tideway

The Port of London Authority (PLA) has released a video which is designed to help crews safely navigate the upper tidal Thames between Putney and Kew.

The film provides a simple guide to the unique Code of Conduct for safe rowing on the tidal Thames, useful for both newcomers to the Tideway and experienced rowers looking to refresh their knowledge.


‘We felt that a short film would be a real aid to safety,’ the PLA assistant harbour master (upper) Richmond, Alex Brown, said on the PLA website. ‘In just five minutes, this film should give rowers enough information to stay safe and to follow the advice of the rowing code.

‘This film isn’t just aimed at rowers though.  Safe navigation depends on everyone on a stretch of river knowing and understanding the same set of rules. That’s why the film covers the needs of other navigators on the upper reaches of the tidal Thames too.’

The Code of Practice for Rowing on the Tideway can be downloaded from the PLA website.

If you have entered a Head Race special navigation rules might apply on the day. It is important that any instructions you have been sent by an event are read carefully so you understand when any special event rules apply and normal navigation rules resume.