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Unique Wye Trow unveiled in Herefordshire

Herefordshire revealed its contribution to the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant yesterday (April 12th) – the magnificent Wye Trow.

The 36ft-long boat was unveiled to gathered media at Gloucester Docks, where it has been built using traditional skills and timber from Hereforshire’s Foxley and Garnons estates.


The trow is based on the historic design of cargo vessels used on the Rivers Wye and Severn in the 18th and 19th centuries – which were originally pulled by crews of men or horses on the river bank. It was commissioned by the Lord-Lieutenant for Herefordshire, the Countess of Darnley, and Bob Tabor, the Deputy Lieutenant.

The trow will join the flotilla of 1000 boats on June 3rd, in a pageant celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s 60-year reign.

It will be rowed by a crew of eight young people from the region, and is set to be officially named at a ceremony in Hereford City Centre on Saturday 12th May.

“This is a particularly exciting element of Herefordshire’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations,” said Bob Tabor, member of the Herefordshire Diamond Day organising committee.

“We’ve carried out extensive research which has allowed us to build the working replica of a River Wye Trow. It really is a case of history coming alive.

“Once the celebrations are over, the trow will be used for education, tourism and art and will be used in various locations across the county to highlight Herefordshire’s heritage, so it’ll be a lasting legacy of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.”

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