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Preventing the spread of invasive species

[newsimage=0]Following the discovery of an invasive, non-native species in the River Severn, British Rowing Facilities Consultant Alan Meegan has urged clubs to adhere to the following advice:

  • Wash down boats after every outing
  • Boats should be washed down with clean water if available, or water from the watercourse that has been used
  • Boats should be positioned so that the water flows back into, or towards, the watercourse
  • Boat should be completely dried off with a towel or similar, and ALL water should be drained from the cockpit and buoyancy cavities (previously called ‘canvasses’)
Kit and cloths/towels
  • Wet kit or cleaning cloths/towels should be dried (or isolated in transit) and inspected carefully
    This is another way that the species can easily be transferred to other watercourses as these species can live for several days in wet materials
Visiting boats
  • In the case of visiting boats, boat trailers should be completely dry and free of loose water. All clubs should be vigilant and aware of these procedures.
  • Clubs and event organisers should be aware of Defra’s Check, Clean, Dry procedure, as well as regularly checking for further updates.