STAGING All hands to the brooms at SUABC - British Rowing

All hands to the brooms at SUABC


It was all members to the rescue over the weekend as Stratford upon Avon Boat Club took to the task of cleaning up its boathouses after recent flooding.

The Avon was one of many UK rivers to burst its banks in recent weeks, with torrential rain wreaking havoc at rowing clubs across the country.


“The floodwater in the boathouses came up over two feet,” said Laurie Flintoff, Land & Buildings committee member for the club. “Fortunately, the boathouses are designed so that the electrical points and other services are at shoulder height – away from any potential danger. Had the flood come up another inch, the water would have been in the changing rooms and reception area!”

Clearing up – with an industrial jet wash and many brooms – took over three hours; the mud was inches deep on the floors but an army of helpers made light work of the task. The plucky volunteers were rewarded with half time bacon butties and coffee.

Simon Picken, Treasurer for the Club, said: “We have been very lucky that there has been so little damage: apart from losing a small dinghy which was swept away, it was only the mud and mess with which we had to contend. Our emergency plans were put into action as soon as we received the Environment Agency flood warnings.”

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