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Could you complete the ‘world’s toughest rowing race’?

GB Row challenges rowing crews to complete a 2,000 mile circumnavigation of Great Britain in June 2018


If 2,000m racing is just not enough for you next summer, why not sign up to a 2,000 mile rowing adventure instead?

GB Row is the self-proclaimed ‘toughest rowing race’ in the world, challenging competitors to circumnavigate mainland UK waters, starting and finishing at London Bridge.


Not only do you have to row, but you will also have to channel your inner Bear Grylls by making your own water and generating your own electicity to power your comms and navigation aids.

“If you take on this challenge you will experience our coastline from an entirely new perspective, with surprise and interest around every corner,” said Jim Bastin, who took part in the inaugural event in 2005.

“Many memories will stay with me for life, like meeting a fishing boat off Worthing coast at 2am, the fishermen giving us a £10.00 note towards charity, Dolphins showing off and pirouetting next to the Eddy Stone Light House, the incredible beauty of the rugged Cornish coast where we meet a basking shark at arms distance, the storm we encountered in the Irish Sea and the huge pod of Dolphins which was followed by meeting up with the massive aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious…”

The fourth edition of the race will depart London on 1 June, with competitors rowing down the Thames and then either rounding the UK in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. Crews can compete in a variety of different boats, from single sculls to eights.

“Only the best will make it to the finish. Only the extraordinary will win,” said British adventurer Dom Mee.

“Forget the Americas Cup this is a modern-day Viking challenge that will push men and women to breaking point both mentally and physically in their quest to be crowned the champion.”

Visit the GB Row Challenge website for more information and details of how to sign up.