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All you need to know about the World Rowing Coastal Championships

The World Rowing Coastal Championships are taking place in Victoria, British Columbia, off the west coast of Canada for the first time from Thursday 11 October to Sunday 14 October


Offshore champions Bexhill's Mark Mitchell and Tim Male are racing in Canada (c) Tom Hurley

Almost 500 coastal rowers from 24 countries have entered the World Rowing Coastal Championships, including 23 crews from 12 British clubs, and will be competing in the spectacular setting of Vancouver Island.

For the first time, a coastal mixed double sculls category is one of the seven boat classes on offer. In another innovation, crews will also launch boats from a standing beach start for the first time, adding a different dynamic to the racing.


In addition to the new coastal mixed double sculls, boat classes consist of coastal solos, doubles and quadruple sculls for men and women.

When will they be racing?

The Championships take place from Thursday, 11 October through to Saturday, 13 October, with Sunday, 14 October held as a reserve day.

Competing on a 4km course with five buoyed turns, racing opens with the qualifications and heats on Thursday afternoon. The heats continue through to the Friday.

Saturday morning opens with the B finals on the 4km course in the morning, and the A finals scheduled to start at midday. The A finals take place over a 6km race course, including five buoyed turns, with the mixed double sculls final wrapping up the 2018 championships.

How can I watch the racing?

The A finals and award ceremonies will be live-streamed on Saturday, 13 October, on the World Rowing website.

Who is representing GB?

Of the 23 British crews making the journey to Canada, two British Rowing Offshore champion crews will be bidding to win medals at the Championships. Bexhill rowers Mark Mitchell and former GB rower, Tim Male, will be competing in the coastal men’s double sculls while a Tyrian men’s coxed quad, with former GB rower Pete Wells on board, will also be aiming to extend their winning streak.

Fresh from crossing the Indian Ocean, Guernsey rower James Plumley joins club mate Anthony Brewer in the coastal men’s double sculls.

In the coastal women’s solo, Jenny Glass is representing Dolphin Rowing Club, one of the newest coastal clubs founded in early 2016.

The Welsh Sea Rowing Association is fielding the largest contingent of rowers with 10 crews in four of the boat classes.

Who else will be there?

Crews from 24 countries have entered, including rowers from Brazil, NZ, Russia, South Africa and Ukraine, with the many Canadian entries hoping to keep the home supporters cheering.

The men’s solo has the highest number of entries with 58 competitors, so a qualification race will be held on Thursday, 11 October for progression to the heats.

Names to look out for include British Rowing Offshore Championships open coastal solo winner Peter Berg from Helsingborgs Roddklubb, Sweden, who has entered the coastal men’s single sculls, together with Ukraine’s Diana Dymchenko, who is defending her title in the women’s solo category.

Bahamas and Brazil are also entering the World Rowing Coastal Championships for the first time. Michael Knowles is competing in the men’s solo for the Bahamas while Brazil has a crew in the coastal men’s coxed quad.

About Victoria, British Columbia

The World Rowing Coastal Championships is taking place in a spectacular ocean setting off the southern tip of Vancouver Island, against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains and rocky islands. Racing is on Bazan Bay, a relatively sheltered position, though there will still be tidal currents to deal with, demanding focus and technical skill from the competing crews.

For spectators lucky enough to be on Vancouver Island, it will be easy to follow the entire race course from the seafront, providing an electric atmosphere for this year’s World Rowing Coastal Championships.

Visit the World Rowing website for the full list of entries and more details.