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British Rowing national championships series 2019

Read on for a list of the British Rowing national championships that will be taking place in 2019


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Junior Inter-Regional Regatta – 27 April, Peterborough

The Junior Inter-Regional Regatta (JIRR) is a competitive event for junior rowers aged between 14 and 16, giving them the opportunity to represent their region at the start of their rowing pathway.  The twelve JIRR Teams are based on the British Rowing Regions, with the Thames Region split into its three sub-regions and Wales competing with WAGS.

For 2019, the event is moving from its traditional home in Nottingham to Peterborough, where the racing will be across four lanes over 1,000m.


More than 900 competitors from schools and clubs will race in 24 different categories.

Find out more about the Junior Inter-Regional Regatta here.



British Rowing Masters Championships – 15/16 June, Strathclyde Country Park, Glasgow

This year the British Rowing Masters Championships will take place on 15 and 16 June at Strathclyde Country Park, Glasgow. The decision to move to Scotland in 2019 was made in 2017 and is part of our agreement with Scottish Rowing that one British Rowing Championship event will go to Glasgow once every four years. It will return to Nottingham in 2020.

The Masters Championships is open to Masters rowers across all age categories. The racing format remains the same with racing over 1,000 metres, side-by-side, across seven lanes. In 2019, a new boat type will be added to the event, the mixed coxed four taking it to a total of seven boat classes.

Find out more about the British Rowing Masters Championships here.



British Rowing Senior Championships – 15/16 June, National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham

Nottingham’s National Water Sports Centre will host the British Rowing Senior Championships on 15 and 16 June in 2019.

The event, as in previous years is open to all rowers J16 and above (under the British Rowing Rules of Racing J15 and above may race at Senior events) and offers Senior events in Open and Women’s, further subdivided into U19, U23, Lwt, etc. as in previous years. It is a chance for participants from across the country to race each other, offering a high level of competition at the right time in the season.

With a move to June, the Organising Committee is looking at options to add more boat classes to the event.

Find out more about the British Rowing Senior Championships here.



British Rowing Junior Championships – 19/21 July, National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham

The British Rowing Junior Championships will be held from Friday, 19 to Sunday, 21 July 2019 at the National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham.

The events offered to junior rowers are from J14 through to Junior.

On Friday, racing starts with the J14 4x+ time trial & then onto the Omnium where singles and doubles take to the water to be tested on their technical sculling skills and speed, before the day concludes with side by side 4x+ races over 1,000 metres.

During the weekend, J15 and older competitors race over a 1,500m time trial, followed by 2,000m side-by-side races.

Find out more about the British Rowing Junior Championships here.



British Rowing Offshore Championships – 9-10 August, Sandbanks, Poole and British Rowing Beach Sprints – 11 August, Sandbanks, Poole

The British Rowing Offshore Championships will return to Sandbanks on Friday, 9 and Saturday, 10 August. After last year’s successful Commonwealth Beach Rowing Sprint Championships, the British Rowing Beach Sprints will be held for clubs on Sunday, 11 August.

At the Offshore Championships, competitors start by jumping in their boats before rowing off the shore to the first turning buoy, before heading out along the 4km course in the heats. When returning to the shore, one member of the crew will jump out the boat with a sprint to the finish line on the beach. For the finals, crews take on a longer 6km course with the same exciting beach finish.

At the British Rowing Beach Sprint event crews will go head-to-head in solos and doubles starting on the beach and sprinting to their boats, which will be held in the water by boat-holders. They will slalom out to sea for 250m before turning around the final marker buoy for a straight sprint back to the shore. When they reach land, one member of the crew will jump out of the boat and sprint up to the beach to cross the finish line. This format of event uses pool boats, solos and doubles, supplied by the organising committee. This exciting competition is knock-out racing until a champion is crowned for each boat class.

Find out more about the British Rowing Offshore Championships here.



Mizuno British Rowing Indoor Championships – (date and venue TBC)

The Mizuno British Rowing Indoor Championships will return in December for what is hoped to be another record-breaking year. Last year, three World Records, 17 British Records and 51 Championship Records were broken.

Plans for 2019 include increasing capacity and to be even more inclusive with extra adaptive events on offer.

160 Concept2 machines will be lined up for action on the day with various racing options on offer for everyone from school year 7 through to 90+.

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