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Coronavirus Advice Reminders – 29 May 2020

Some reminders for the weekend about our current advice for clubs in relation to coronavirus and how we will be reviewing the changes to UK Government advice.


Last week we published our latest guidance for clubs on considerations for a return to rowing. The guide will be updated as further advice and information becomes available. We recognise this is a tricky time for clubs and we hope that this advice has been helpful for you.

To help you further, we have scheduled a webinar at 19.00, Thursday 4 June with British Rowing CEO, Andy Parkinson alongside Dr. Ann Redgrave (British Rowing Chief Medical Officer) and Nick Hubble (Chair of the Sport Committee).


This webinar will give you the opportunity to ask questions of our panel about coronavirus, the advice for clubs and how the next steps will be managed. You will be able to ask questions live but you can also submit questions in advance at the link below.

Find out more and sign up to webinar

Government Advice from 1 June

Last night the UK Government announced changes to their guidelines, due to come into effect from 1 June. These changes allow for small groups (of up to six people) from different households to meet outdoors whilst maintaining social distance.

This does not allow for rowing to move to the next phase of our return to rowing plan, however, once the detailed guidance has been issued we will review whether this may allow for small groups to go rowing whilst maintaining social distance.

Reminders about current advice

In addition to the webinar, we wanted to remind clubs of three key points in relation to our advice:

  • The key priority for all of us has to be public health. Individuals who are required to self-isolate because they are experiencing, have been experiencing or have been in contact with those with symptoms of coronavirus must not access rowing club facilities.
  • The intention (in line with UK Government guidance) at the current Phase B of our return to rowing plan is for recreational activity for exercise not for the resumption of normal club activity or training.
  • Clubs must ensure that any activity they allow on their site is not only in line with coronavirus guidance but also the usual rules related to safeguarding and safety. Clubs need to ensure that an appropriate risk assessment is carried out to manage everyone’s safety and welfare.
  • When cleaning surfaces (p12 of our advice), we recommend using a mixture of bleach and water or disinfectant. If using bleach, you should make sure you read the packaging carefully to understand the correct dilution. For thick bleach, a normal dilution level would be 50 parts water to 1 part bleach, however, if you are using thinner bleach you may require a more concentrated mix. Whenever using bleach you should also take care to reduce the likelihood of it running off into the waterways.

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