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Our Brand

The British Rowing master brand is synonymous with the development and success of the sport.

As the most important part of British Rowing’s visual identity it is essential that the standards outlined in the Brand Standards are strictly adhered to. Any use of the British Rowing master brand or configurations is subject to approval from British Rowing Head Office.

British Rowing logo Branding guidelines

Full guidelines for the use of the logo and details of the approval process can be found in the British Rowing Brand Standards.

Descriptor configurations are available for use by British Rowing regions, committees, affiliated clubs and events.

To request brand artwork or for any other brand queries please email

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Get in touch with the British Rowing team and find our full contact details here

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General Structure British Rowing Ltd is a company limited by guarantee, Registered in England No. 1706271. Individual members are generally linked to one of our 550 affiliated rowing clubs, which in turn are within ten rowing regions in England. Each region has a regional rowing council elected by the affiliated rowing clubs and competitions in the…

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Policies and Guidance

British Rowing has policies and guidance documents in place to help us keep the sport moving forward and achieve the highest standards of best practice.

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Guiding principles Everyone who participates in rowing is entitled to do so in a safe and enjoyable environment. All British Rowing clubs, competitions and associated individuals must follow the policies defined in our policy documents. British Rowing is committed to helping everyone in rowing accept their responsibility to safeguard children and vulnerable adults from harm…

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