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British Rowing Indoor Championships 2022 – Cancellation FAQs

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the British Rowing Indoor Championships 2022


Please find a list of FAQs below

Why have you cancelled BRIC 2022?

We have made the difficult decision to cancel BRIC 2022 due a significantly smaller entry than we’ve had in previous years. We have listened to the feedback we have received about how the cost of living has affected everyone’s discretionary spending, and we understand that in a time of economic uncertainty, other things must be prioritised.

Can you put on the event on a smaller scale for the people who have entered?

As unfortunate as it is, it would not be viable to deliver an event to the standard that competitors have come to expect. We have considered this from all angles, and cancellation is the only viable option.

Can you run a virtual event?

We are extremely proud of the standard of virtual BRICs we have run in the past, and as we are less than a month from the competition, we would not have the time to organise and carry out a similar event this year.

Will I be receiving a refund?

Yes – everyone who entered the British Rowing Indoor Championships 2022 will be receiving a full refund, including group bookings.

What about those who have booked accommodation and travel?

One of the reasons why we’ve chosen to cancel at this stage is the hope that, with more than a month until the day of the event, the people who have made accommodation and travel arrangements will be able to cancel them. Unfortunately, we cannot cover any travel or accommodation costs lost.

Will BRIC be coming back again to enter in the future?

We hope so! We are keen to hear from those that entered and, in particular, those who did not as to what format of competition you would like. Please fill in this form.

I was looking to buy a Concept2 machine at BRIC or have already ordered one to pick up at the event, how do I go about doing this now the event is cancelled?

If anyone has already ordered or is looking to purchase a machine from Concept2, please email and a member of their team will be able to assist you.

Are there any other indoor rowing events coming up that I can look to enter instead?

There is a popular and growing indoor rowing event scene across the UK. British Rowing has a LIVE event calendar which is regularly updated and will help you find your next indoor rowing event or challenge close to home. More information can be found here.

Can I still take part in any challenges linked to BRIC?

We have set up an online BRIC virtual medal challenge with our online medal challenge partners Row the Distance. This will continue to be available to sign up to and more information can be found here.

Will you do anything on 10th December?

We are considering different options for people to get involved in on the 10th and throughout December – we will update you on this as soon as we have plans in place.

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