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Adaptive classification

Rowers with a disability who want to race either indoor or on the water will need to go through British Rowing’s classification system.  

Rowers who want to race either indoor or on the water will need to go through British Rowing’s classification process.

British Rowing adopts the International Rowing Federation (World Rowing) Para-Rowing system of classification which places rowers into sport classes according to how much their impairment impacts rowing.

This video from the British Paralympic Association explains the importance of classification to Para sport.

These internationally recognised classes for rowing are:

  • PR3-PI (Physical Impairment)
  • PR3-VI (Visual Impairment)
  • PR2
  • PR1

Rowers who have a disability but do not meet the Para-Rowing eligibility criteria may be eligible for an Adaptive Rowing Classification.  These classes are accepted at events that offer Adaptive Rowing Competition

  • AR3-PI (Physical Impairment)
  • AR3-LI (Learning Impairment)
  • AR2
  • AR1

A classified Para-rower can race in the corresponding Adaptive Rowing event, but an athlete with an Adaptive Rowing classification cannot race as a British Rowing classified Para-rower.

Adaptive and ParaRowing classifications table

Click here for our full breakdown of adaptive rowing classifications

For information about our Indoor Adaptive Rowing classifications, head to our Indoor Adaptive Rowing page.

Applying for Adaptive Classification

If you would like more information around applying for adaptive classification, please see this document.

Download Document


Classification Process

To register your interest and find out more information about classification please email us here.

All Medical Diagnostic Forms and supporting medical documentation should be sent to the British Rowing Head of Classification 30 days before the classification date and submitted to

For any enquiries related to classification, please contact Simon Goodey (Head of Classification) on

DateVenueLocation Details
Sunday 30 April 2023 Maidenhead Rowing ClubLocation
Saturday 24 June 2023 Royal Albert DocksLocation
Sunday 30 April 2023
Maidenhead Rowing Club
Location Details:
Saturday 24 June 2023
Royal Albert Docks
Location Details:

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