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GB win two medals on first day of World U23 finals

The GB Rowing Team won a silver and bronze medal today on the first day of finals at the World U23 Championships in Trakai, Lithuania – ahead of five more finals tomorrow.

Caragh McMurtry and Olivia Carnegie-Brown served up the Lotttery-funded squad’s first medal of the Championships with a gutsy performance in tough conditions on Lake Galve, winning silver in the women’s pair.


Then the GB men’s four of Andrew Holmes, George Rossiter, Patrick Lapage and Michael Evans showed their fighting spirit, snatching bronze from the Americans in a sprint finish.

The lightweight men’s pair of Matthew Bedford and Wilf Kimberley finished fourth in GB’s first final of the day after impressive semi-final performances from Rachel Gamble-Flint, second in the women’s single scull, the men’s pair of Kieren Emery and Matthew Tarrant, who won convincingly and Michael Mottram, third in the lightweight men’s single scull.

These three crews join the GB men’s and women’s eight crews contesting finals tomorrow afternoon.

“I’m very pleased with both medals,” said GB Rowing Team performance director David Tanner. “It has been a very challenging day here with difficult wind conditions. The women’s silver was the first open women’s silver we’ve had (at U23 level) for three years and was a very strong result.

“The men’s four are an ambitious outfit and would like to have bettered the bronze they won last year in the eight but given the limited amount of time they had to prepare this was a good result and they produced their best race today.

“Tomorrow we have five ‘A’ finals to add to the three we had today and we are looking forward to the challenge.”

GB scullers in the men’s double scull, lightweight women’s double and lightweight men’s double all gave a good account of themselves, finishing a close fourth in their semi-finals, narrowly missing out on the ‘A’ finals.

They will have another chance to perform in Sunday’s B finals, along with the men’s quad which finished fifth in their semi.

The lightweight men’s quadruple scull came third in their B final to finish 9th overall at the championships.

The women’s pair now have medals at U23 level to match the silvers they won as juniors in 2009 and showed a significant step on from their fifth-place finish together in the eight last year.

McMurtry, 20, from Southampton, and Oxford Brookes rower Carnegie-Brown, 21, charged out of the start and tussled bow ball to bow ball with the New Zealand pair of Kayla Pratt and Kelsey Bevan until half-way when the Kiwis cranked up their stroke rate to seize the lead and win.

The battle between these two boats left a huge gap between them and bronze-placed Germans and the Brits followed the Kiwis home to win silver a considerable distance ahead of Germany in third.

The men’s four was a much closer event with GB in the pack as the race headed towards its conclusion with Germany and Australia just in front.

Holmes from Lochwinnoch, Rossiter from Newbury, Lapage from Shrewsbury and Evans from Ramsbury kept their wits and reeled in the third-placed Americans stroke by stroke with the fastest final 500m of all the crews.

The effort took them through the Americans and very close on the line to the Australian silver medallists to clinch a hard-fought medal to go with the bronze they won together in the eight last year.

Matthew Bedford and Wilf Kimberley were in touch with the medal winners in the final of the lightweight men’s pair and third at halfway before fading towards the finish.

Bedford, 21, from Maidenhead, and Londoner Kimberley, 22 tomorrow, couldn’t quite land a medal to mark any birthday celebrations but can toast a good performance, crossing the line in fourth place behind Italy, France and Germany.

In the earlier semi-finals Newcastle’s Kieren Emery remained on course to add an openweight men’s pairs title to the lightweight one he won at last year’s World U23s.

Emery and Londoner Matthew Tarrant, from Shepperton, were two seconds up within the first 500m and led to the finish in their semi-final, crossing the line comfortably clear of Germany and Greece in a time of 7:05.68.

Darlington’s Rachel Gamble-Flint provided Britain with another finalist with an excellent second-place finish in her semi-final.

The 20-year-old Leander Club sculler was narrowly behind Canadian winner Carling Zeeman after a controlled race which saw her establish second place as her own by half-way and ease clear of third-placed Elize Gulbe from Latvia.

Michael Mottram had British hearts racing in his semi-final as he reached the 500m-to-go mark lying in fourth place behind Greece, Holland and Bulgaria, with only three going through to the final.

But the Leander Club rower from Stoke Mandeville held his nerve and, as he rowed through Nedelcho Vasilev, the Bulgarian blew up and eased down before the line, conceding the all-important third-spot to Mottram.

The men’s double, women’s double and then lightweight men’s double all produced good results but fell agonisingly short of third in their respective semi-finals and will now race in the B finals.

Jonathan Walton and Jack Beaumont battled stroke for stroke all the way down the course with Lithuania for third place in the semi-final of the men’s double scull.

The Brits looked to have seized the initiative with 500m to go but, roared on by the home support, the Lithuanians pulled through to clinch the last spot in the final.

In a similarly tight finish Eleanor Piggott and Charlotte Burgess in the lightweight women’s double semi-final. They stoically held on to third place for three quarters of the race before Canada edged past in the sprint for the line to deny them a place in the final.

And then it happened again. Zak Lee-Green and Jamie Coombes held on, marginally ahead of the Greeks in a race for third place in the lightweight men’s double, despite being out in lane one. As the line neared the British pair were caught at the death and denied a run at the final.

The lightweight men’s quadruple scull of 19-year-old Kieran Brown from Glasgow, Cambridge University rower Rupert Price, 21, Bedford’s Alexander Robertson, 20, and Imperial College rower Timothy Richards, 20, finished third in the B final of their event, 9th overall for the championships.

Tomorrow GB crews contest five ‘A’ finals: the women’s single scull, women’s eight, men’s pair, men’s eight and the lightweight men’s single scull.


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RESULTS – Finals



1. Kayla Pratt/Kelsey Bevan (New Zealand) 8:00.98
2. Caragh Mcmurtry/Olivia Carnegie-Brown (GREAT BRITAIN) 8:05.55
3. Lisa Kemmerer/Anne-Sophie Agarius (Germany) 8:21.13
4. Martina Stillerova/Katerina Kopecka (Czech Rep) 8:33.12
5. Trude Meyer/Hanna Inntjore (Norway) 8:33.68
6. Myrte de Boer/Annemarie Bernhard (Holland) 8:41.53



1. Germany 6:25.84
2. Australia 6:28.67
3. Andrew Holmes/George Rossiter/Patrick Lapage/Michael Evans (GREAT BRITAIN)6:29.62
4. USA 6:30.44
5. Spain 6:35.46
6. New Zealand 6:36.98



1. Francesco Schisano/Vincenzo Serpico (Italy) 7:26.60
2. Augustin Mouterde/Edouard Jonville (France) 7:28.47
3. Can Temel/Tobias Franzmann (Germany) 7:29.61
4. Matthew Bedford/Wilfred Kimberley (GREAT BRITAIN) 7:32.70
5. Chiu Mang Tang/Ki Cheong Kwan (Hong Kong) 7:36.54
6. Jan Hajek/Matous Lorenc (Czech Rep) 7:57.00

RESULTS – Semi-finals


Single scull (1-3 to Final A, 4-6 to Final B)

1. Carling Zeeman (Canada) 8:37.30
2. Rachel Gamble-Flint (GREAT BRITAIN) 8:38.26
3. Elza Gulbe (Latvia) 8:41.18
4. Nicole Beukers (Holland) 8:42.82
5. Lisa Dilleen (Ireland) 9:06.17
6. Daphne Socha (France) 9:20.29


Pair (1-3 to Final A, 4-6 to Final B)

1. Kieren Emery/Matthew Tarrant (GREAT BRITAIN) 7:05.68
2. Paul Heinrich/Hannes Ocik (Germany) 7:10.55
3. Konstantinos Christomanos/Apostolos Lampridis (Greece) 7:17.59
4. Onat Kazakli/Ogeday Girisken (Turkey) 7:21.81
5. Ivan Carino/Remo Lanzoni (Argentina) 7:35.11
6. Max Affenzeller/Michael Mandlbauer (Austria) 7:46.87

Double scull (1-3 to Final A, 4-6 to Final B)

1. Dirk Uittenbogaard/Freek Robbers (Holland) 7:00.60
2. Ales Zupan/Grega Domanjko (Slovenia) 7:01.73
3. Dominykas Jancionis/Aurimas Adomavicius (Lithuania) 7:02.11
4. Jonathan Walton/Jack Beaumont (GREAT BRITAIN) 7:03.22
5. Toger Rasmussen/Mark Hartsteen (Denmark) 7:15.90
6. Jakub Paroulek/Vojtech Rimak (Czech Rep) 7:28.39

Quadruple scull (1-3 to Final A, 4-6 to Final B)

1. Italy 6:20.37
2. Ukraine 6:22.22
3. Czech Rep 6:24.90
4. Germany 6:27.53
5. Samual Knight/Joshua Bugajski/Edward Couldwell/Angus Groom (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:28.61
6. Romania 6:32.10


Double scull (1-3 to Final A, 4-6 to Final B)

1. Wiebke Hein/Nora Wessel (Germany) 7:48.96
2. Georgia Hammond/Sophie Mackenzie (New Zealand) 7:53.40
3. Elizabeth Fenje/Erin Snelgrove (Canada) 7:54.88
4. Eleanor Piggott/Charlotte Burgess (GREAT BRITAIN) 7:58.68
5. Camille Leclerc/Rachel Jung (France) 8:05.62
6. Monica Novakova/Sara Vichova (Czech Rep) 8:27.91


Single scull (1-3 to Final A, 4-6 to Final B)

1. Spyridon Giannaros (Greece) 7:52.27
2. Franciscus Goutier (Holland) 7:53.02
3. Michael Mottram (GREAT BRITAIN) 7:57.96
4. Nedelcho Vasilev (Bulgaria) 8:17.03
5. Constant Ryngaert (france) 8:17.80
6. Jure Grace (Slovenia) 8:32.31

Double scull (1-3 to Final A, 4-6 to Final B)

1. Julius Peschel/Matthias Arnold (Germany) 7:06.60
2. Paul Sieber/Bernhard Sieber (Austria) 7:09.81
3. Georgios Konsolas/Nikolaos Afentoulis (Greece) 7:13.92
4. Zak Lee-Green/James Coombes (GREAT BRITAIN) 7:14.50
5. Dylan Harris/Mark Henry (Canada) 7:22.02
6. Tim Brys/Gilles Poysat (Belgium) 7:29.13

RESULT – B Final

1. Switzerland 6:38.30
2. Brazil 6:42.31
3. Kieran Brown/Rupert Price/Alexander Robertson/Timothy Richards (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:46.62
4. USA 6:56.53
5. Chinese Taipei 7:14.66

Start list available on

GB ROWING TEAM CREW-LIST (Name/Club/Home town/Date of birth)
2012 World U23 Rowing Championships, Trakai, Lithuania
July 11-15, 2012
(Listed bow to stroke)



Iona Riley (Aberdeen BC/Aberdeen/17.04.1992)/
Rebecca Chin (Agecroft RC/Conwy/11.12.1991)/
Josephine Wratten (Tees RC/Yarm/23.03.1992)/
Amelda Gare (Bath University BC/Richmond/07.11.1990)/
Yasmin Tredell (Oxford Brookes University BC/Evesham/18.11.1992)/
Claire McKeown (Clydesdale ARC/ Glasgow/16.07.1990)/
Fiona Gammond (Headington School Oxford BC/Bicester/19.10.1992)/
Olivia Oakes (Agecroft RC/Warrington/21.04.1990)/
Charlotte Jackson (cox) (Durham University BC/West Byfleet/27.01.1991)
Coach: James Harris


Caragh McMurtry (Reading University BC/Southampton/22.08.1991)/
Olivia Carnegie-Brown (Oxford Brookes University BC/Goring Heath/28.03.1991)
Coach: Peter Sheppard

Single scull

Rachel Gamble-Flint (Leander Club/Darlington/13.09.1991)
Coach: Jane Hall



Kieren Emery (Leander Club/Newcastle-upon-Tyne/01.06.1990)/
Matthew Tarrant (Oxford Brookes University BC/Shepperton/11.07.1990)
Coach: Henry Bailhache-Webb


Andrew Holmes (Castle Semple RC/Lochwinnoch/04.10.1991)/
George Rossiter (Newcastle University BC/Newbury/09.03.1992)/
Patrick Lapage (Leander Club/Shrewsbury/16.07.1990)/
Michael Evans (Leander Club/Ramsbury/23.08.1990)
Coach: Paul Stannard


Cameron MacRitchie (Leander Club/Oxford/16.05.1993)/
James Edwards (Leander Club/Henley-on-Thames/26.09.1991)/
Samuel Arnot (Newcastle University BC/Newcastle-upon-Tyne/09.07.1991)/
Adam Janes (St Peter’s School BC/York/19.12.1993)/
Oliver Cook (University of London BC/Windsor/05.06.1990)/
Ertan Hazine (University of London BC/Maidenhead/01.08.1991)/
James Cook (University of London BC/Windsor/02.07.1992)/
Alexander Davidson (Isis BC & Oxford University BC/Weybridge/08.06.1990/
Maximilian Gander (cox) (University of London BC/Oxford/26.01.1990)
Coach: Chris Collerton

Double Scull

Jonathan Walton (Loughborough Students RC/Leicester/06.10.1990)/
Jack Beaumont (Sir William Borlase’s BC/Maidenhead/21.11.1993)
Coach: Howard Marsh

Quadruple Scull

Samual Knight (University of London BC/Addlestone/25.09.1992)/
Joshua Bugajski (Cardiff University RC/Cardiff/05.10.1990)/
Edward Couldwell (Loughborough Students RC/Loughborough/13.08/1991)/
Angus Groom (Durham University BC/Wanborough/16.06.1992)
Coach: Phil Gray


Double Scull

Eleanor Piggott (Wallingford RC/Olney/16.05.1991)/
Charlotte Burgess (Wallingford RC/Swineshead/25.06.1990)
Coach: Ben Reed



Matthew Bedford (University of London BC/Maidenhead/21.01.1991)/
Wilfred Kimberley (Imperial College BC/London/15.07.1992)
Coach: Brian Young

Single Scull

Michael Mottram (Leander Club/Stoke Mandeville/08.06.1990)
Coach: Rob Dauncey

Double Scull

Zak Lee-Green (Agecroft RC/Cardiff/05.02.1991)/
James Coombes/Hereford RC/Hereford/22.06.1990)
Coach: Hamish Burrell

Quadruple Scull

Kieran Brown (Edinburgh University BC/Glasgow/21.03.1993)/
Rupert Price (Cambridge University Lightweight RC/Kingston-upon-Thames/11.09.1990)/
Alexander Robertson (Leander Club/Bedford/29.03.1992)/
Timothy Richards (Imperial College BC/London/12.05.1992)
Coach: Sean Leyland


Team manager: Steve Gunn
Chief coach: Peter Sheppard
Equipment manager: Andy Knee-Robinson


Doctor: Guy Evans
Physio: Abbie Turner & Katherine Vials


(for full timetable go to

Heats – Wednesday, July 11
Heats & Repechages – Thursday, July 12
Repechages, Quarter-finals and Semi-finals – Friday, July 13
Semi-finals and Finals A, B, C, D, E – Saturday, July 14
Finals A and B – Sunday, July 15



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The GB Rowing Team’s U23 crews are funded by the National Lottery

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World Rowing U23 Championships, Trakai, Lithuania

July 24 – August 5


World Rowing Senior and Junior Championships, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

August 25 – September 3


European Rowing Championships, Varese, Italy



Start of training for the 2013 season for senior members of the GB Rowing Team

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