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Imogen and Sara are Powered by Purpose

GB Rowing Team members Imogen Grant and Sara Parfett are part of a new programme called Powered By Purpose aimed at currently funded athletes who have a keen interest in making a difference in their communities and to society.


Powered by Purpose is run by UK Sport in partnership with The True Athlete Project. The programme was created after UK Sport found, in an athlete consultation conducted in 2020, that:

  • 86% of athletes want to use their platform to make a difference to society whilst they are still competing.
  • 65% of athletes disagreed that their performance would suffer if they spent time undertaking social impact activity.

Powered by Purpose replaces the old Athlete Volunteering Appearances concept. Its approach has evolved from volunteering to focusing and empowering athletes to make a difference, be that locally in their communities or nationally, for a cause that is authentic and genuine to them personally. Imogen has stated that her passion is encouraging women and girls to stay in sport while Sara’s is around inclusion in sport for all.


Imogen says: “As an athlete, we have a responsibility not just to train and compete, but to give back where we can. I am so excited to be part of the new programme from The True Athlete Project, and I hope it will give me the support and resources to help me make a difference on and off the water.”

Sara says: “Being involved with the Powered by Purpose programme is exciting because you get to learn from and discuss with like minded athletes about issues and change we would like to see. There’s a lot of passion in our group for social change and it’s exciting to see where it will lead to.”

In the programme’s current pilot phase, athletes will take part in a series of tailored, highly personal, live online workshops, which will lead them to explore the world of sport and how it can drive social change. 20 athletes from a diverse range of Olympic and Paralympic sports, backgrounds, and previous experience in delivering social impact will be taking part.

Athletes’ involvement does not affect National Lottery appearances.