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European Champions back racing at World Rowing Cup II

57 Athletes across 18 boats have been selected to represent the GB Rowing Team at the World Rowing Cup II in Varese, Italy from 16-18 June


The squad includes all five gold medal winning boats from the recent European Championships in Bled.

Commenting on the team selection, Louise Kingsley, British Rowing Director of Performance said: “The European Championships were a good first regatta for us but we’ve come away, reviewed our performances and made changes to some crews while others have stayed the same. Testing out these new combinations in Varese is another step in our learning process as we move towards forming our final teams for qualification and winning medals at the World Championships in Belgrade, later this summer.”


Double Paralympic Champion, Lauren Rowles partners again with Gregg Stevenson in the PR2 mixed double sculls (PR2 Mix 2x) after they recorded a world best time to top the podium in Bled. Erin Kennedy, Paralympic Champion in the PR3 Mix4+ also returns to cox an unchanged crew of Frankie Allen, Giedre Rakauskaite, Ed Fuller and Morgan Fice-Noyes.

European Champions also unchanged are the Lightweight women’s double sculls (LW2x) of Emily Craig and Imogen Grant and the Men’s four (M4-) of Oli Wilkes, David Ambler, Matt Aldridge and Freddie Davidson.

After a nail biting race in Bled, Harry Brightmore returns to cox the European Champions men’s eight (M8+) of Will Stewart, Morgan Bolding, Jacob Dawson, Sholto Carnegie, Rory Gibbs, Tom Digby, James Rudkin and Tom Ford.

The Men’s pair (M2-) sees European silver medallists Ollie Wynne-Griffith and Tom George return. Callum Dixon, George Bourne, Matt Haywood and Tom Barras are unchanged in the Men’s quadruple sculls (M4x) while Aidan Thompson will combine with John Collins in the Men’s double sculls (M2x).

Lola Anderson returns to the Women’s quadruple sculls (W4x) alongside Georgie Brayshaw, Hannah Scott and Lauren Henry. Lucy Glover will switch to the Women’s double sculls (W2x) with Saskia Budgett. Kyra Edwards will race in the Women’s single sculls (W1x).

The Women’s four (W4-) sees Helen Glover, Rebecca Shorten and Heidi Long joined by Sam Redgrave as GBR1, with Lauren Irwin, Karen Bennett, Hattie Taylor and Emily Ford racing as GBR2.

Rowan McKellar and Esme Booth combine in a new look Women’s pair (W2-) as GBR1 with Natasha Morrice and Annie Campbell-Orde taking to the water as GBR2.

Both Women’s pairs will double up with the GBR2 Women’s four to form a Women’s eight (W8+), coxed by Henry Fieldman.

Olivia Bates will contest the Lightweight women’s single sculls (LW1x) after impressing in her international senior debut in Bled.

Annie Caddick and Sam Murray reached the podium in Bled and will look to improve on their bronze medal in the PR3 mixed double sculls (PR3 Mix 2x).

You can follow the action live across British Rowing social media channels, here on our website and on BBC iPlayer.

The Great Britain crews racing at the World Rowing Cup II 2023 are:

Men’s Crews

Men’s eight (M8+)

Will Stewart (Leander Club)
Morgan Bolding (Oxford Brookes University BC)
Jacob Dawson (Leander Club / Plymouth ARC)
Sholto Carnegie (Leander Club)
Rory Gibbs (Oxford Brookes University BC)
Tom Digby (Oxford Brookes University BC)
James Rudkin (Newcastle University BC)
Tom Ford (Leander Club)
Harry Brightmore (cox) (Oxford Brookes University BC)
Coach: Steve Trapmore

Men’s four (M4-)

Oli Wilkes (Oxford Brookes University BC)
David Ambler (Oxford Brookes University BC)
Matt Aldridge (Oxford Brookes University BC)
Freddie Davidson (Oxford Brookes University BC)
Coach: Christian Felkel

Men’s quadruple sculls (M4x)

Callum Dixon (Twickenham RC)
George Bourne (Leander Club)
Matt Haywood (Nottingham RC)
Tom Barras (Leander Club  / Burway RC)
Coach: Paul Stannard

Men’s double sculls (M2x)

Aidan Thompson (Twickenham RC / University of Surrey RC)
John Collins (Leander Club)
Coach: Dan Moore

Men’s pair (M2-)

Ollie Wynne-Griffith (Leander Club / Cambridge University BC)
Tom George (Leander Club / Cambridge University BC)
Coach: Dan Moore


Sam Nunn (Oxford Brookes University BC)
Tobias Schröder (Leander Club)

Women’s Crews

The women’s team are coached by Andrew Randell, James Harris and Darren Whiter.

Women’s eight (W8+)

Natasha Morrice (Leander Club)
Rowan McKellar (Leander Club)
Lauren Irwin (Leander Club)
Karen Bennett (Leander Club)
Esme Booth (Leander Club)
Emily Ford (Leander Club)
Hattie Taylor (Leander Club)
Annie Campbell-Orde (Leander Club)
Henry Fieldman (cox) (Leander Club)

Women’s four (W4-) GBR1

Heidi Long (Leander Club)
Helen Glover (Marlow RC)
Samantha Redgrave (Leander Club)
Rebecca Shorten (Imperial College BC)

Women’s four (W4-) GBR2

Lauren Irwin (Leander Club)
Karen Bennett (Leander Club)
Hattie Taylor (Leander Club)
Emily Ford (Leander Club)

Women’s quadruple sculls (W4x)

Hannah Scott (Bann RC/Leander Club)
Georgie Brayshaw (Leander Club)
Lola Anderson  (Leander Club)
Lauren Henry (Leicester RC/University of Leicester BC)

Women’s pair (W2-) GBR1

Rowan McKellar (Leander Club)
Esme Booth (Leander Club)

Women’s pair (W2-) GBR2

Natasha Morrice (Leander Club)
Annie Campbell-Orde (Leander Club)

Women’s double sculls (W2x)

Saskia Budgett (Tideway Scullers School)
Lucy Glover (Edinburgh University BC/Warrington RC)

Lightweight women’s double sculls (LW2x)

Emily Craig (University of London BC)
Imogen Grant (Cambridge University BC)

Women’s single sculls (W1x)

Kyra Edwards (Nottingham RC)

Lightweight women’s single sculls (LW1x)

Olivia Bates (Nottinghamshire County RA)


Flo Donald (Leander Club)
Rebecca Edwards (Leander Club)

Para Crews

PR3 mixed coxed four (PR3 Mix 4+)

Frankie Allen (Oxford Brookes University BC)
Giedre Rakauskaite (Worcester RC)
Morgan Fice-Noyes (Bradford-on-Avon RC)
Ed Fuller (Reading University BC)
Erin Kennedy (cox) (Leander Club)
Coach: Nicola Benavente

PR3 mixed double sculls (PR3 Mix 2x)

Annie Caddick (Molesey BC)
Sam Murray (Molesey BC)
Coach: Nick Baker

PR2 mixed double sculls (PR2 Mix 2x)

Lauren Rowles (Birmingham RC)
Gregg Stevenson (Agecroft BC)
Coach: Nicola Benavente

Team Management, Coaching and Support Staff

Louise Kingsley: Team Leader
Tom Dyson: Team Leader – Para and driver
Jo Bates: Team Manager
Maurice Hayes: Resources Manager
Nick Baker: Head Coach – Para
Andrew Randell: Head Coach – Women
Paul Stannard: Head Coach – Men
Dan Moore: Men’s Coach
Steve Trapmore: Men’s Coach and driver
Christian Felkel: Men’s Coach
Dec Gamble: Women’s Coach
James Harris: Women’s Coach and driver
Darren Whiter: Women’s Coach and driver
Nicola Benavente: Para Coach
Clodagh Dugdale: Doctor
Penny Stern: Physiotherapist – Women
Sam Whittaker: Physiotherapist – Men
Pat Dunleavy: Physiotherapist – Para
Lizzie Jacobs: Sports Science
Gareth Turner: Sports Science
Shelley Wyatt: Communications & Media
Gareth Nicholas: Nutritionist