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Close and exciting racing

The British men’s four, the reigning world champions who are sponsored by Camelot, dominated the GB Senior Rowing Trials today in Hazewinkel, Belgium, albeit in two pairs both of which won their semi-finals in style.
Andy Hodge and Peter Reed, the defending champions, were slightly quicker of the two pairs today winning in 6:34.96.

Katherine Grainger was in equally good form, leading her semi-final of the women’s single scull from the outset to win in 7:35.02.


Anna Bebington, a 23 year-old from Leek in Staffordshire, continues to burst onto the senior scene in a big way. She beat world champion and Olympic silver medallist Fran Houghton as well as Olympic bronze medallist Elise Laverick to win her semi-final.

"We’ve had some excellent and close racing in today’s semi-finals", said GB Performance Director David Tanner today.  "Some new blood has come through but, in the main, our experienced Olympians have shown their quality".

The fight for places in Great Britain’s senior squad in 2006 continues tomorrow with finals starting at 8.30am local time.
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Olympic Champion Steve Williams and Alex Partridge took their semi-final of the men’s pair at the GB Rowing senior trials in Belgium today by the scruff of the neck from the outset. They held a lead of more than two lengths by the mid way point and sat out front for the rest of the event to win in 6:35.88.

Not to be outdone, their world-champion men’s four counterparts, Peter Reed and Andy Hodge led home their semi-final in 6:34.96, setting the scene for a tasty final tomorrow.

In the third semi-final Tom James and Matt  Langridge, a composite pair from Cambridge University and Leander Club respectively, were comfortable winners.  Toby Garbett, of Leander, a former world champion who has returned to the sport after a year’s break, was second with newcomer squad member Tom Solesbury, a 25 year-old trainee solicitor.

Garbett and Solesbury were in contact through the first half but dropped back off the pace slightly towards the end.

The men’s single scull’s final tomorrow is shaping up as a four-way contest between three men who sculled together at last year’s world championships and earlier won a world cup finals bronze – Matthew Wells, Alan Campbell and Steve Rowbotham – and Ian Lawson who has returned to the sport after a year’s break and who has featured strongly in the winter’s assessment trials.

Campbell and Lawson faced each other today in one of the three semi-finals.  Campbell went into a strong early lead which Lawson then pegged back before Campbell surged again in the final 200m to win in 6:53.51.

Matthew Wells was a comfortable winner of his semi-final in 6:50.99. Behind him Colin Smith and Alex Gregory, crew mates in the men’s double scull at a world cup and the world U23 championships last year, did battle with Smith emerging in 6:58.15 to reach the final.

He will be joined there by Steve Rowbotham, a winner today in 6:59.70 and Cambridge University’s Charlie Palmer, fresh from his exploits with Goldie who are the  Cambridge reserve Boat Race crew.

A kingdom’s length separates the homelands of Scotland’s Katherine Grainger and Cornish- woman Annie Vernon. Today they were thrown together in a semi-final of the women’s single scull with world champion Grainger, inevitably, taking the honours in 7:35.02. Vernon, though, stroked a  steady race behind the Olympic medallist to reach tomorrow’s final.

Experts have begun to tip Staffordshire’s Anna Bebington for the top.  They were not wrong today. She emerged a winner in 7:34.23 from  a tough semi-final in which she came back from a length down to overhaul Olympic medallist Elise Laverick.  Not content with that scalp, in the last 300m, she pushed on past world quadruple scull champion Fran Houghton to win by half a length.

Olympic silver medallist Debbie Flood led home the third semi-final in a time of the event in a time of 7:37.59 with her GB team-mate and Olympic bronze medallist Sarah Winckless taking the second qualifying slot in 7:41.63.

The women’s pairs event semi-final winners were Andrea Finn and Baz Moffat, both from London-based clubs, in a time of 7:26.92. They gradually increased their lead of Florence Temple and Rachel Loveridge of Thames, from the 1000m marker onwards in worsening wind conditions.

In the opposing semi-final Vicky Etiebet and Rebecca Rowe came home in 7:31.66, exactly four seconds ahead of their nearest challengers Laura Gater and Naomi Hoogester – the latter having made the move from lightweight rowing to the openweight boat class since last year.

Tim Male, former Olympian, talented musician and one of GB’s top lightweight scullers for many years, was one of three semi-final winners in that event here in a time of 7:05.40.  He led James Stephenson of Molesey at the line but his earlier challenger was Richard Chambers of Oxford Brookes.

There was nothing to choose between Paul Mattick of Wallingford and James Clarke, an U23 from Durham University, at the mid-way point of their battle in the second semi-final.  They dead-heated at that point with 3:30.81 but it was Clarke who eventually won in 7:09.79.

A similar battle raged within the third semi-final but,  this time, for second and third place.  Newcomer U23 from the University of Bath, Adam Freeman-Pask just missed out on a place in tomorrow’s final by six hundredths of a second. Daniel Harte, of London, went through instead behind race winner James Lindsay-Fynn.

In the lightweight women’s single scull Helen Casey won her semi-final as expected in a time of 7:59.27. The former world bronze medallist looked comfortable throughout in choppy conditions with Laura Ralston moving up in the second half of the race to take second in 7:59.27.

World U23 Champion Hester Goodsell – a winner of her semi-final in 7:57.20 – and another young sculler, Sophie Hosking, from Durham University who won her semi-final in 7:52.53 and overhauled early race leader Lindsay DIck of Glasgow RC in the process, look set to be Casey’s main challengers in tomorrow’s final.

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The 2006 GB Rowing Senior Trials – Results




Semi-final 1
1.  Vicky Etebiet (Auriol Kensington)/Rebecca Rowe
     (Rebecca)  7:31.66
2.  Laura Gater (Leander)/Naomi Hoogesteger (Durham
     (Uni)  7:35.66
3.  Lindsey Maguire (Birmingham Uni)/Lizzie Hodges
     (Uni of London)  7:37.00

Semi-final 2
1.  Andrea Finn (Tideway Scullers)/Baz Moffat (Thames)
2.  Florence Temple (Thames)/Rachel Loveridge (Thames)
3.  Louisa Rowbotham (Uni of London)/Georgina Meheneott
    (Uni of London)  7:33.32
4.  Lucinda Gooderhar (Durham Uni)/Jacqui Round (St
     (Neots)  7:37.33

Single scull

Semi-final 1
1.  Anna Bebington (Leander)  7:34.23
2.  Frances Houghton (Uni of London)  7:36.22
3.  Elise Laverick (Thames)  7:46.83
4.  Carla Ashford (Thames)  7:50.31
5.  Jess Eddie (Uni of London)  7:59.38
6.  Jo Cook (Leander)  8:16.98

Semi-final 2
1.  Debbie Flood (Leander)  7:37.59
2.  Sarah Winckless (Walbrook)  7:41.63
3.  Natasha Howard (Tideway Scullers)  7:48.66
4.  Katie Greves (Uni of London) 7:53.61
5.  Louisa Reeve (Durham Uni)  7:58.77
6.  Tina Stiller (Notts County RA)  8:05.74

Semi-final 3
1.  Katherine Grainger (St Andrew)  7:35.02
2.  Annie Vernon (Thames)  7:38.04
3.  Beth Rodford (Thames)  7:42.80
4.  Natasha Page (Reading Uni)  7:43.31
5.  Anna McNuff (Uni of London)  7:54.18



Semi-final 1
1. Alex Partridge (Leander)/Steve Williams (Leander)
2.  Rob Hollis (Oxford Brookes/Hugo Lee (Oxford Brookes)
3.  Jonno Devlin (Oxford Brookes)/Nick Lloyd (Leander)
4. Sam Townsend (Reading Uni)/James Orme (Leander)
5.  Phil Simmons (Molesey)/Toby Wallace (Molesey)

Semi-final 2
1.  Tom James (Cambridge Uni)/Matthew Langridge (Leander)
2.  Toby Garbett (Leander)/Tom Solesbury (Molesey)
3.  Simon Fieldhouse (Molesey)/Marcus Bateman (Reading Uni)
4.  Ryan Davies (Oxford Brookes)/Matt Tucker (Oxford Brookes)
5.  Rob Rayner (York Uni)/Robin Ejsmond Frey (Oxford Uni)

Semi-final 3
1.  Peter Reed (Leander)/Andy Hodge (Molesey)  6:35.88
2.  Tom Parker (Oxford Uni)/Kieran West (Cambridge Uni)
3.  Ben Smith (Imperial College)/Oli Moore (Imperial College)
4.  Tom Wilkinson (Leander)/NIck Clark (Leander) 6:52.67

Single scull

Semi-final 1
1.  Alan Campbell (Tideway Scullers)  6:53.51
2.  Ian Lawson (Leander) 7:06.34
3.  Henry Pelly (Newcastle Uni0  7:12.37
4.  George Laughton (Newcastle Uni)  7:16.72
5.  Will Laughton (Imperial College) 7:20.99
5.  Richard Chambers (Agecroft)  7:32.52

Semi-final 2
1.  Steve Rowbotham (Leander)  6:59.70
2.  Charlie Palmer (Cambridge Uni) 7:01.72
3.  James Dunley (Uni of London)  7:06.71
4.  Richard Ockenden (Molesey)  7:10.86
5.  Bill Lucas (Dart Totnes)  7:18.93
6.  Ben Duggan (Notts County)  7:25.52

Semi-final 3
1.  Matthew Wells (Uni of London)  6:50.99
2.  Colin Smith (Oxford Uni)  6:58.15
3.  Alex Gregory (Reading Uni)  7:02.93
4.  Will Robinson (Oxford Brookes)  7:07.92
5.  Jon Foster (Durham Uni)  7:08.92
6.  Chris Covery (Durham Uni)  7:33.74



Single scull

Semi-final 1
1. Sophie Hosking (Durham Uni)  7:52.53
2.  Lindsay Dick (Glasgow RC)  7:54.02
3.  Jane Hall (Leander)  7:58.05
4.  Helen Mason (Thames)  8:03.21
5.  Helen Ralston (Rob Roy)  8:03.41

Semi-final 2
1.  Helen Casey (Wallingford)  7:54.52
2.  Laura Ralston (Rob Roy)  7:59.27
3.  Mel Sage (Mortlake Anglian)  8:03.75
4.  Annabel Hagon (Auriol Kensington)  8:05.78

Semi-final 3
1.  Hester Goodsell (Rob Roy)  7:57.20
2.  Antonia van Deventer (Leander)  8:00.03
3.  Katrina Lythgoe (Thames)  8:07.34
4.  Jo Hammond (Leander)  8:34.78


Semi-final 1
1. James Lindsay-Fynn (London)  7:08.87
2.  Daniel Harte (London)  7:11.54
3.  Adam Freeman-Pask (Uni of Bath) 7:11.60
4.  Matt Beechey (Leander)  7:16.21
5.  Simon Jones (Leander)  7:19.41
6.  Simon Barr (Durham Uni)  7:33.53

Semi-final 2
1.  James Clarke (Durham Uni)  7:09.79
2.  Paul Mattick (Wallingford)  7:11.88
3.  Henry Chin (Durham Uni)  7:14.90
4.  Marco Espin (London)  7:15.32
5.  Chris Bartley (Notts Uni)  7:16.16
6.  Stephen Feeney (Newcastle Uni)  7:36.64

Semi-final 3
1.  Tim Male (Tideway Scullers)  7:05.40
2.  James Stephenson (Molesey)  7:07.65
3.  Richard Chambers (Oxford Brookes) 7:09.61
4.  Rob Williams (London)  7:10.81
5.  Mike Hennessy (Tideway Scullers)  7:14.24
6.  Phil Evans (Durham Uni)  7:34.45

TIME TRIALS (1900m course)



1.  Vicky Etiebet (Auriol Kensington)/Rebecca Rowe
2.  Florence Temple (Thames)/Rachel Loveridge (Thames)
3.  Andrea Finn (Tideway Scullers)/Baz Moffat (Thames)
4.  Laura Gater (Leander)/Naomi Hoogesteger (Durham Uni)
5.  Lindsey Maguire (Birmingham Uni)/Lizzie Hodges (Uni of
     London) 7:23.57
6.  Louisa Rowbotham (Uni of London)/Georgina Menheneott
     (Mortlake & Anglian)  7:26.26
7.  Lucinda Gooderham (Durham Uni)/Jacqui Round (St Neots)

Single scull

1.   Katherine Grainger (St Andrew)  7:21.04
2.   Sarah Winckless (Walbrook)  7:21.53
3.   Anna Bebington (Leander)  7:21.68
4.   Frances Houghton (Uni of London) 7:23.40
5.   Debbie Flood (Leander)  7:24.23
6.   Annie Vernon (Thames)  7:25.03
7.   Beth Rodford (Thames)  7:27.19
8.   Katie Greves (Uni of London)  7:28.27
9.  Elise Laverick (Thames)  7:28.72
10. Carla Ashford (Thames)  7:34.11
11. Natasha Howard (Tideway Scullers)  7:34.59
12. Natasha Page (Reading Uni)  7:36.60
13. Anna McNuff (Uni of London)  7:39.61
14. Louisa Reeve (Durham Uni)  7:41.71
15. Jess Eddie (Uni of London)  7:43.47
16. Jo Cook (Leander)  7:50.03
17. Tina Stiller (Notts County RA)  7:50.53



1.  Peter Reed (Leander)/Andy Hodge (Molesey)
2.  Alex Partridge (Leander)/Steve Williams (Leander)
3.  Tom James (Cambridge Uni)/Matthew Langridge (Leander)
4.  Toby Garbett (Leander)/Tom Solesbury (Molesey)
5.  Rob Hollis (Oxford Brookes)/Hugo Lee (Oxford Brookes)
6.  Tom Parker (Oxford Uni)/Kieran West (Cambridge Uni)
7.  Tom Stallard (Leander)/Josh West (Leander) 
8.  Jonno Devlin (Oxford Brookes)/Nick Lloyd (Leander)
9.  Simon Fieldhouse (Molesey)/Marcus Bateman (Reading)
10.  Ryan Davies (Oxford Brookes)/Matt Tucker (Oxford
     Brookes)  6:32.65
11.  Phil Simmons (Molesey)/Toby Wallace (Molesey)
12.  Tom Wilkinson (Leander)/Nick Clark (Leander)
13.  Ben Smith (Imperial College)/Oli Moore (Imperial College)
14.  Sam Townsend (Reading Uni)/James Orme (Leander)
15.  Rob Rayner (York Uni)/Robin Ejsmond Frey (Oxford Uni)

Single scull

1.  Alan Campbell (Tideway Scullers)  6:35.94
2.  Matthew Wells (Uni of London)  6:39.45
3.  Steve Rowbotham (Leander)  6:42.36
4.  Charlie Palmer (Cambridge Uni)  6:45.13
5.  Colin Smith (Oxford Uni)  6:45.59
6.  Henry Pelly (Newcastle Uni)  6:47.24
7.  Ian Lawson (Leander)  6:47.41
8.  Alex Gregory (Reading Uni)  6:48.35
9.  Richard Ockenden (Molesey)  6:49.24
10.  James Dunley (Uni of London)  6:52.43
11.  Will Robinson (Oxford Brookes)  6:54.98
12.  George Laughton (Newcastle Uni)  6:58.25
13.  Will Laughton (Imperial College)  6:59.71
14.  Chris Covey (Durham Uni)  7:01.00
15.  Ben Duggan (Notts County)  7:02.06
16.  Bill Lucas (Dart Totnes)  7:02.89
17.  Jon Foster (Durham Uni)  7:03.10
18.  Richard Cambers (Agecroft)  7:03.50
19.  David Read (Henley RC)  7:03.71
20.  Mike Lambourn (Henley RC)  7:03.96



Single scull

1.  Helen Casey (Wallingford)  7:30.07
2.  Lindsay Dick (Glasgow RC)  7:31.04
3.  Hester Goodsell (Rob Roy)  7:31.61
4.  Jo Hammond (Leander)  7:39.19
5.  Jane Hall (Leander)  7:39.74
6.  Laura Ralston (Rob Roy)  7:40.44
7.  Mel Sage (Mortlake Anglian)  7:41.44
8.  Sophie Hosking (Durham Uni)  7:41.61
9.  Lorna Norris (Mortlake Anglian)  7:43.04
10.  Antonia van Deventer (Leander)  7:43.81
11.  Katrina Lythgoe (Thames)  7:43.85
12.  Helen Mason (Thames)  7:44.21
13.  Annabel Hagon (Auriol Kensington)  7:47.10
14.  Helen Ralston (Rob Roy)  8:03.87


Single scull

1.  Tim Male (Tideway Scullers)  6:45.14
2.  James Lindsay-Fynn (London)  6:51.11
3.  James Clarke (Durham Uni)  6:53.71
4.  Paul Mattick (Wallingford)  6:54.85
5.  Adam Freeman-Pask (Bath Uni)  6:55.41
6.  Mike Hennessy (Tideway Scullers)  6:55.78
7.  Richard Chambers (Oxford Brookes)  6:55.98
8.  Daniel Harte (London)  6:56.15
9.  Marco Espin (London)  6:56.37
10.  Henry Chin (Durham Uni)  6:56.43
11.  Matt Beechey (Leander)  6:59.57
12.  Rob Williams (London)  7:00.55
13.  James Stephenson (Molesey)  7:01.77
14.  Simon Jones (Leander)  7:02.12
15.  Stephen Feeney (Newcastle Uni)  7:03.64
16.  Chris Bartley (Notts Uni)  7:03.93
17.  Simon Barr (Durham Uni)  7:04.99
18.  Phil Evans (Durham Uni)  7:11.11

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