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Nine wins for GB Rowing Team on semi day with two non-Olympic class silvers

Four from Britain’s nine semi-final or repechage wins at the world rowing cup in Munich were contributed by the GB Rowing Team’s men’s squad.

One of the edgier wins was that from the GB men’s four.   This is a crew, now featuring the returning Olympic gold medallist Tom James, that is determined to slay the ghost of last year’s world championships defeat and loss of their 2009 crown.


It is also a crew that is not afraid to shoulder the mantle of Britain’s successful history in this event at the  Olympic Games and use it to their advantage.

Today’s victory was the first step on that journey. Matt Langridge was pleased with an efficient job done but knows that the big event is tomorrow.

“The French and the Greeks are the crews we’d be keen to beat after New Zealand. But if they are not the ones we have to race, if they are not up with the leaders, we’ll deal with it”, said stroke Matt Langridge.

Britain’s other male victories came from the men’s double of Marcus Bateman and Matt Wells, the men’s pair of Andrew Triggs Hodge and Pete Reed and the men’s eight coxed by Phelan HIll and now including the experienced Olympian and many-time world champion Alex Partridge at bow.

Single sculler Alan Campbell was second in his semi-final to the home favourite Marcel Hacker.

Heather Stanning and Helen Glover kick-started some good performances from the women’s squad, too.   They proved that their world silver medal of last Autumn was not a one-off performance by winning their semi-final from the front.

Katherine Grainger and her “scratch” partner Melanie Wilson took victory in the women’s double scull and, remarkably, both GB lightweight women’s double scull crews were semi-final winners showing the growing strength in depth in this section of the squad.

Katherine Copeland another emerging talent from this group was a silver medallist in the non-Olympic lightweight women’s scull to round off a good day for the lightweight women.

“It’s really exciting”, she said.  “It’s my first senior final so there was no pressure on me really which was nice. I could just go out and race my own race”.

World and Olympic champions Mark Hunter and Zac Purchase were comfortable winners of their semi-final but their  world champion team-mates in the lightweight men’s four were not so fortunate. They qualified for the final but in third place, leaving them some work to do tomorrow.

Peter Chambers and Kieren Emery rounded off the afternoon programme by taking silver in the lightweight men’s pair. “We knew we had a good sprint and we went for it”, said Emery.

“I am very pleased with the two silver medals this afternoon for our lightweight rowers and equally we’ve had some cracking semi-finals which put us in a strong position for tomorrow’s finals”, said GB Rowing Team Performance Director David Tanner.

Britain will field crews in 13 Olympic class finals tomorrow, only missing out on the women’s single scull where Sporting Giant recruit Vicky Thornley has been racing here as part of her transition from the sweep-oar squad to sculling. She will contest tomorrow’s B finals.

The day’s programme will conclude this evening with the four Paralympic class finals with GB boats in three of the events. 

*SIEMENS is the high performance partner of the GB Rowing Team
(as such they sponsor all the Olympic and Paralympic Class
boats in the senior squad and add value to the GB Rowing
Teams’ Start and High Performance Programme in Clubs Schemes)

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Andrew Triggs Hodge and Pete Reed were tucked into the pack of their men’s pair semi-final today before easing almost effortlessly to take the front-running territory 400m into the race.  The transition was somewhat astonishing for its perceived ease.

Beyond that point the Greeks, Germans and Poles were not going to win.  Now the GB crew can focus on tomorrow’s final.

“It was good to get side-by-side racing again today. It’s always a different feel to time trials”, said Hodge.

“It was good to look at what the others are doing off the start and to get back into old habits.  It was a reasonable start and we’re looking  to move on from that.  The Italians looked fast today. They had a fast time to the 1000m and we’ll be looking to have a good race with them tomorrow”.

Their counterparts in the men’s sweep squad were on equally good form today.  The men’s four of returning Olympic gold medallist Tom James, Alex Gregory, Matt Langridge and Ric Egington, focussed well on the task in hand.  They were determined not to be distracted and moved to the front of the field after 800m from where they controlled the race, holding the Dutch and others at bay to the line.

“We planned to go out there and do our own race  today and not worry about what the others were doing”, said Gregory.  “We were expecting some crews to go out very fast at the start but we stuck to our own race plan and it felt really solid, very controlled and good rhythm. It went well”.

“The Dutch were up there for a while today but crews are going to do that in the semi-final as they know they’ve got to  qualify. I don’t think it worried us very much.  Semi-finals are never really that spectacular. You have to do what you’ve got to do that and we did”, said Langridge.

“The French and the Greeks are the crews we’d be keen to beat after New Zealand. But if they are not the ones we have to race, if they are not up with the leaders, we’ll deal with It. It might be the Germans or others who are in contention we will have to watch everyone. We don’t want to  focus on just a couple of crews and take our eye off the game”.

The GB Rowing Team’s men’ s eight got off to a strong start in their repechage from which four crews from six were due to progress to tomorrow’s final. Yesterday, GB lost to the world champions from Germany so a win today would give them pole position next to Germany in the final.

By the halfway point they were half a length up on the Netherlands. The situation remained the same at 1500m and as the crews broke out from the sun-glare past the grandstands they werestill a half length up and cruising well to victory.
Coach Mark Earnshaw’s bellowing exhortation to Matt Wells to pick up the pace in his men’s double scull semi today with Marcus Bateman might have registered with the crew on the water as they did just that with 600m to go.

Having sat in the main grouping until then they powered up and moved ahead of Germany and Lithuania on either  side to win. The world silver medallists have now booked passage to tomorrow’s final and will be drawn in a centre lane.

Alan Campbell completed the set of open weight men’s crews progressing today when he took second place  behind home favourite Marcel Hacker in the men’s single scull.

Campbell, racing in his traditional colourful socks, was second to the 500m marker and was just marginally third at the halfway point. The strong performer throughout was  Hacker who took a convincing lead and held onto the line. Behind him Luka Spik and Campbell battled for the second qualifying slot with the Northern Ireland rower winning the sprint tussle and Spik holding off a valiant attempt by Azerbajan.

The USA led the women’s double semi-final featuring the Britain’s Katherine Graonger and Mel Wilson for the opening 900m of the women’s double scull final today. Grainger is the reigning world champion in this discipline but is racing here with Wilson as Anna Watkins is injured.

The USA and GB were the only contenders to win the race from 500m gone. Slowly by increments the British duo got their noses in front.  They created a half-length lead by 1200m and carried onto win.

Wilson said:  “We didn’t plan to be behind today but when we rowed through them [the USA] they didn’t come back at us. So it was OK in the end. It’s been really good rowing with someone like Katherine”.

Heather Stanning and Helen  Glover moved swiftly to the front of their women’s pair semi-final today. By 350m they had a length on the field.  By  500m the gap had increased. Only the USA looked likely to challenge – their pairing ghaving the extra incentive of trialling against their rivals for the American squad slot here.

At 900m gone the Americans began a sustained push. They threatened briefly just before the grandstands but
the British duo held on to win in and book a central lane for tomorrow’s final.

The British women’s quadruple scull and the women’s eight are both in tomorrow’s finals. In its preliminary race today the eight looked comfortable and strong but the women’s quadruple scull who are reigning world champions were beaten in their preliminary race yesterday by the Ukraine.  Vicky Thornley will race the B final of the women’s single scull. She was in contention for much of her semi today before finishing fifth.

Two British crews will contest tomorrow’s final of the lightweight women’s double scull and both have reached there by winning their semi-finals setting up the potential for two GB line-ups on the podium.

“That would make history for GB”, said Hester Goodsell from the first-string GB crew.  “Today we wanted  to do just what was needed to reach the final. We didn’t go out gung-ho. It would be great if both British crews were on the podium. Itshows the strength in depth of this section of the squad”.

Mark Hunter and Zac Purchase looked classy on the water in today’s semi-finals, winning with ease from a fast Italian  crew after biding their time before hitting the front of their lightweight men’s double scull event.

However, the lightweight men’s four – reigning world  champions – got a wake-up call when they finished third in a tight semi-final with the young second-string  crew in the same event finishing sixth.

The semi was won by Switzerland who were able to contain the GB four in the third 500m before going onto win with France in second.

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(heats featuring GB Rowing Team crews only – full
results at


Single scull:
1. Alexandra Tsiavou (Greece 2) 7:43.97
2. Katherine Copeland (GREAT BRITAIN) 7:48.37
3. Pamela Weisshaupt (Switzerland 1) 7:50.10
4. Fabiana Beltrame (Brazil) 7:52.14
5. Agnieszka Renc (Poland 1) 7:53.60
6. Marie-Anne Frenken(Netherlands) 8:00.39

1. Jiri Kopac/Miroslav Vrastil Jnr (Czech Republic) 6:34.29
2. Peter Chambers/Kieran Emery ((GREAT BRITAIN 2) 6:35.60
3. Luca De Maria/Armando Dell’Aquila (Italy 1) 6:35.91
4. Nenad Babovic/Milos Tomic (Serbia) 6:36.01
5. Jost Schoemann-Finck/Matthias Schoemann-Finck (Germany) 6:37.02
6. Luigi Scala/Pietro Ruta (Italy 2) 6:43.70


Semi-final 1
1. Helen Glover/Heather Stanning (GREAT BRITAIN) 7:07.24
2. Erin Cafaro/Amanda Polk (USA 2) 7:08.75
3. Camelia Lupascu/Nicoleta Albu (Romania 2) 7:17.88
4. Roxana Cogianu/Ionelia Zaharia (Romania 1) 7:26.28
5. Meiling Sun/Li Li (China 1) 7:33.57

Single scull
Semi-final 2
1. Mirka Knapkova (Czech Republic 1) 7:30.00
2. Xiuyun Zhang (China) 7:31.48
3. Jitka Antosova (Czech Republic 2) 7:32.99
4. Genevra Stone (USA) 7:36.34
5. Victoria Thornley ((GREAT BRITAIN) (GREAT BRITAIN)7:44.69
6. Nicole Beukers (Netherlands) 7:50.44

Double scull
Semi-final 1
1. Melanie Wilson/Katherine Grainger (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:59.01
2. Sarah Trowbridge/Kathleen Bertko (USA) 7:00.87
3. Magdalena Lobnig/Lisa Farthofer (Austria) 7:05.70
4. Ulla Varvio/Minna Nieminen (Finland) 7:05.89
5. Lisbet Jakobsen/Lea Jacobsen (Denmark) 7:06.73
6. Gabriele Albertaviciute/Lina Saltyte (Lithuania) 7:20.35


Semi-final 2
1. Pete Reed/Andrew Triggs Hodge (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:34.90
2. Nikolaos Gkountoulas/Apostolos Gkountoulas (Greece) 6:36.52
3. Maximilian Munski/Felix Drahotta (Germany) 6:36.89
4. Maciej Mattik/Zbigniew Schodowski (Poland) 6:37.68
5. Ante Janjic/Vjokoslav Kolobaric (Croatia) 6:49.12
6. Nicolas Silvestro/Sabastian Claus (Argentina 1) 6:51.39

Semi-final 2
1. Matthew Langridge/Richard Egington/Tom James/Alex Gregory (GREAT BRITAIN) 5:58.44
2. Belarus 5:59.82
3. Italy 6:00.86
4. Netherlands 6:01.02
5. Spain 6:08.15
6. Romania 6:10.04

Single scull
Semi-final 1
1. Marcel Hacker (Germany) 6:55.38
2. Alan Campbell (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:58.51
3. Luka Spik (Slovenia 1) 6:58.77
4. Aleksandar Aleksandrov (Azerbajan) 6:59.61
5. Cedric Berrest (France 2) 7:05.40
6. Tim Maeyens (Belgium) 7:27.95

Double scull
Semi-final 2
1. Matthew Wells/Marcus Bateman (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:15.03
2. Eric Knittel/Stephen Krueger (Germany 1) 6:16.65
3. Saulius Ritter/Rolandas Mascinskas (Lithuania 2) 6:17.07
4. Volodymyr Pavlovskyi/Sergii Gryn (Ukraine 1) 6:20.12
5. Gasper Fistravec/Iztok Cop (Slovenia) 6:26.52
6. Aleksandar Filipovic/Dusan Bogicevic (Serbia) 6:27.26


Double scull
Semi-final 1
1. Kathryn Twyman/Andrea Dennis(GREAT BRITAIN 2) 7:05.85
2. Rianne Sigmond/Maaike Head (Netherlands) 7:06.88
3. Anne Thomsen/Julianne Rasmussen (Denmark) 7:09.67
4. Evi Geentjens/Jo Hammond (Belgium) 7:11.95
5. Cecilia Lilja/Kristina Knejp Christensson (Sweden) 7:14.88
6. Siobhan McCrohan/Claire Lambe (Ireland) 7:18.93

Semi-final 2
1. Hester Goodsell/Sophie Hosking ((GREAT BRITAIN 1) 7:06.88
2. Kristin Hedstrom/Julie Nichols (USA) 7:08.26
3. Triantafyllia Kalampoka/Christina Giazitzidou (Greece) 7:09.60
4. Sara Karlsson/Michaela Taupe-Traer (Austria 1) 7:10.72
5. Coralie Simon/Elise Maurin (France) 7:13.85
6. Klara Janakova/Marketa Pazderkova (Czech Republic 1) 7:21.72

Double scull
Semi-final 2
1. Zac Purchase/Mark Hunter((GREAT BRITAIN) 6:30.70
2. Lorenzo Bertini/Elia Luini (Italy 1) 6:32.87
3. Jonathan Winter/Brian De Regt (USA) 6:35.10
4. Nemanja Nesic/Milos Stanojevic (Serbia) 6:38.96
5. Mark O’Donovan/Niall Kenny (Ireland 2) 6:40.68
6. Jan Vetesnik/Ondrej Vetesnik(Czech Republic) 6:40.74

Semi-final 1
1. Switzerland 6:01.56
2. France 6:02.19
3. Richard Chambers/Paul Mattick/Rob Williams/Chris Bartley (GREAT BRITAIN 1) 6:02.98
4. China 2 6:05.71
5. China 1 6:08.30
6. John Preston/Jonathan Clegg/William Fletcher/Jamie Kirkwood (GREAT BRITAIN 2) 6:14.56

1. Alex Partridge/Nathaniel Reilly-O’Donnell/Cameron Nichol/William Satch/Mohamed Sbihi/Gregory Searle/Tom Ransley/Daniel Ritchie/Phelan Hill (cox) (GREAT BRITAIN) 5:31.46
2. Netherlands 5:32.61
3. France 5:34.37
4. China 5:35.54
5. Ukraine 5:38.86
6. Croatia 5:40.77



Single scull

1.  Alexandra Tsiavou (Greece 2) 7:55.10
2.  Katherine Copeland (GREAT BRITAIN) 7:58.60
3.  Pamela Weisshaupt (Switzerland 1) 8:01.99
4.  Sarah Juergensen (Denmark) 8:04.71
5.  Fabiane Albrecht (Switzerland 2) 8:10.87
6.  Astumi Fukumoto (Japan 2) 8:19.81



1.  Luigi Scala/Pietro Ruta (Italy 2) 6:42.97
2.  Luca de Maria/Armando Dell-Aquila (Italy 1)  6:42.99
3.  Fabien Tilliet/Jean-Christophe Bette (France 1) 6:43.91
4.  Chris Boddy/Adam Freeman-Pask (GREAT BRTAIN) 6:47.54
5.  Silvan Zehnder/Nicola Edelmann (Switzerland) 6:51.27
6.  Arnoud Greidanus/Bjorn Van den Ende (Netherlands) 6:51.63



Single scull

1.  Tom Aggar (GREAT BRITAIN) 5:07.09
2.  Alexey Chuvashev (Russia 1) 5:12.91
3.  Luciano Luna De Oliveira 5:15.32
4.  Egor Firsov (Russia 2) 5:30.60
5.  Johannes Schmidt (Germany 1) 5;36.61




1.  Jo Cook/Alison Knowles/Jess Eddie/Emily Taylor/Natasha Page/
     Louisa Reeve/Katie Solesbury/Lindsey Maguire/Caroline O’Connor
     (cox) (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:19.34
2.  Romania 6:19.96
3.  China 6:25.00
4.  Ukraine 6:26.27
5.  Poland 6:37.45
6.  Netherlands DNS

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BBC TV Sport is broadcasting rowing at these
times this season:

World Cup 1 Munich, Germany

Sunday 29 May 
10.00 – 13.15 Live on the Red Button/online

Monday 30 May
13.00 – 14.30  Highlights Package BBC2 and on-line
and afterwards on the i-player

World Cup 2  Hamburg, Germany

Sunday 19 June

09.20 – 13.20 – Live on the red button/online
12.30 – 13.45 – Highlights package on BBC2 and online
and afterwards on i-player

World Cup 3, Lucerne, Switzerland

Sunday 10 July
09.45 – 11.15 Live on the Red Button/online
12.30 – 14.30 Red Button/Online

Monday 11 July
13.00 – 14.30  Highlights package on BBC2 and online
and afterwards on the i-player

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2011 World Cup Regatta, Munich,
Germany, 27 – 29 May 2011
(listed bow to stroke plus cox)




Helen Glover (Minerva Bath/Penzance/17.06.86)/
Heather Stanning (Army RC/Lossiemouth/26.01.85)

Coach: Robin Williams


Jo Cook (Leander Club/Sunbury-on-Thames/22.03.84)/
Emily Taylor (Leander Club/Lincoln/28.06.87)
Katie Solesbury (Leander Club/Oxford/02.09.82)/
Alison Knowles (Thames RC/Bournemouth/27.03.82)/
Jessica Eddie (Univ of London BC/Durham/07.10.84)/
Louisa Reeve (Leander Club/London/16.05.84)/
Natasha Page (Gloucester RC/Hartpury/30.04.85)/
Lindsey Maguire (Wallingford RC/Edinburgh/15.01.82)/
Caroline O’Connor (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Ealing, London/25.04.83)

Coach: Nick Strange

Double scull

Katherine Grainger (St. Andrew BC/Aberdeen/12.11.75)/
Melanie Wilson (Imperial College BC/London/01.09.82)/

Coach: Paul Thompson

Quadruple scull

Annabel Vernon (Leander Club/Wadebridge/01.09.82)/
Beth Rodford (Gloucester RC/Gloucester/28.02.82)/
Frances Houghton (Leander Club/Oxford/19.09.80)/
Debbie Flood (Leander Club/Guiseley/27.02.80)

Coach: Ade Roberts

Single scull

Victoria Thornley (Leander Club/Wrexham/30.11.87)




Pete Reed (Leander Club/Nailsworth, Glos/27.07.81)/
Andrew Triggs Hodge (Molesey BC/Hebden, N. Yorks/03.03.79)

Coach: Jürgen Grobler


Matthew Langridge (Leander Club /Northwich/20.05.83)/
Richard Egington (Leander Club/Knutsford/26.02.79)/
Tom James (Molesey BC/Wrexham/11.03.84)/
Alex Gregory (Leander Club /Wormington, Glos/11.03.84)

Coach: John West


Alex Partridge (Leander Club /Alton, Hants/25.01.81)/
Nathaniel Reilly O’Donnell (Univ of London BC/Durham/13.04.88)/
Cameron Nichol (Molesey BC/Glastonbury/26.06.87)/
Will Satch (Leander/Henley-on-Thames/09.06.89)/
Mohamed Sbihi (Molesey BC/Surbiton/27.03.88)/
Greg Searle (Molesey BC/Marlow/20.03.72)/
Tom Ransley (York City RC/Cambridge/06.09.85)/
Daniel Ritchie (Leander Club/Herne Bay/06.01.87)/
Phelan Hill (Leander Club/Bedford/21.07.79)

Coach: Christian Felkel

Single scull

Alan Campbell (Tideway Scullers School/Coleraine/09.05.83)

Coach: Bill Barry

Double scull

Matthew Wells (Leander Club/Hexham, Northumberland/19.04.79)/
Marcus Bateman (Leander Club/Torquay/16.09.82)

Coach: Mark Earnshaw

Quadruple scull

Stephen Rowbotham (Leander Club/Winscombe, Somerset/11.11.81)/
Tom Solesbury (Leander Club/Petts Wood, Kent/23.09.80)/
Bill Lucas (London RC/Kingswear/13.09.87)/
Sam Townsend (Reading Univ BC/Reading/26.11.85)

Coach: Mark Banks



Double scull – Boat 1

Hester Goodsell (Imperial College BC/London/27.06.84)/
Sophie Hosking (London RC/Wimbledon/25.01.86)

Coach: Paul Reedy

Double scull – Boat 2

Kathryn Twyman (OUWBC/Edmonton, Canada/29.03.87)
Andrea Dennis (Imperial College BC/Oxford/03.01.82)/

Coach: Paul Reedy

Single scull (U23)

Katherine Copeland (Tees RC/Ingleby Barwick, Stockton-on-Tees/01.12.90)

Coach: James Harris



Double scull

Zac Purchase (Marlow RC/Tewkesbury/02.05.86)/
Mark Hunter (Leander Club /Romford, Essex/01.07.78)

Coach: Darren Whiter
Four – Boat 1

Richard Chambers (Leander Club /Coleraine/10.06.85)/
Paul Mattick (Leander Club /Frome, Somerset/25.04.78)/
Rob Williams (London RC/Maidenhead/21.01.85)/
Chris Bartley (Leander Club/Chester/02.02.84)

Coach: Rob Morgan

Four – Boat 2 (U23)

John Preston (Reading Uni BC/Durham/16.04.89)/
Jono Clegg (Leander/Maidenhead/14.07.89)/
Will Fletcher (Durham Uni BC/Chester-le-Street/24.12.89)/
Jamie Kirkwood (Imperial College BC/Newcastle/30.8.89)

Coach: Rob Dauncey

Pair – Boat 1

Chris Boddy (Leander Club /Stockton-on-Tees/16.11.87)/
Adam Freeman-Pask (Imperial College BC/Windsor/19.06.85)

Coach: Rob Morgan

Pair – Boat 2 (U23)

Peter Chambers (Oxford Brookes Uni BC/Coleraine/14.3.90)
Kieren Emery (Leander Club/Newcastle/1.6.90)

Coach: Pete Sheppard



Arms & shoulders single scull (ASM1x)

Tom Aggar (Royal Docks RC/London/24.05.84)

Coach: Tom Dyson

Trunk & arms mixed double scull (TAMix2x)

Nick Beighton (Guildford RC/Yateley/29.09.81)
Sam Scowen (Dorney BC/Wokingham/29.10.87)

Coach: Tom Dyson

Legs, trunk & arms mixed coxed four (LTAMix4+)

(Boat 1)
Pamela Relph (Birmingham Uni BC/Aylesbury/14.11.89)
Naomi Riches (Marlow RC/Harrow/15.06.83)
David Smith (Reading Uni BC/Dunfermline/21.04.78)
James Roe (Stratford upon Avon BC/ Stratford upon Avon/28.03.88)
Lily van den Broecke (cox) (Headington School BC/Oxford/08.01.92)

Coach: Mary McLachlan

(Boat 2)
Kelsie Gibson (Maidstone Invicta RC)
Kate Jones (Imperial College BC/Eskdale Green, Cumbria/28.02.86)
Luke Almond (Worcester RC/ Bromyard, Herefordshire/14.05.90)
Ryan Chamberlain (Imperial College BC /Wandsworth, London/03.04.86)
Rhiannon Jones (cox) (Ross RC/Hereford/16.09.87)

Coach: Mary McLachlan



Team Manager & Performance Director: David Tanner
Chief Coach Men: Jürgen Grobler
Chief Coach Women & Lightweights: Paul Thompson
Assistant Team Manager (Adaptives): Louise Kingsley


Assistant Team Manager (admin): Maggie Netto
Sponsorship Liaison: Fran Bullock
Resources Manager: Maurice Hayes
Boatman: John Tetley
Press Officer: Caroline Searle

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The first world cup of the season is taking place
this weekend (27-29 May) in Munich. Currently the key
stages are timed as follows but this may change
subject to entry:

Heats, repechages and quarter-finals

09.00 – 19.30  Friday 27 May

Repechages and non-Olympic class semi-finals

09.30 – 10.00 Saturday 28 May

Semi-finals Olympic Classes

13.30 – 16.15 Saturday 28 May

FINALS  (non-Olympic and Paralympic classes only)

16.30 – 19.00 Saturday 28 May

FINALS  (all Olympic classes)

11.00 – 14.00 Sunday 29 May

(B finals:  09.30 – 10.10 Sunday 29 May).

The next two world cups are:

Hamburg, Germany, 17-19 June
Lucerne, Switzerland, 8-10 July

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This important season for the nation’s top rowers
culminates in the  World Championships and
Olympic qualifying regatta:


Britain will seek to qualify boats into as many Olympic
and Paralympic classes as possible here rather than
through the last-chance final qualifying regatta in Lucerne
from May 20-23, 2012.

Meanwhile, here are some additional dates of note for the
GB squad for the remainder of 2011:



Rowing World Cup 1, Munich Germany


Rowing World Cup II, Hamburg, Germany

Henley Women’s Regatta

29- July 3
Henley Royal Regatta


Rowing World Cup III, Lucerne, Switzlerand

Announcement of the World Championships Team

World Rowing U23 Championships, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Coupe de la Jeunesse, Linz, Austria


World Rowing Junior Championships, Dorney Lake, Eton
(this is also the Olympic test event)

28 – 4 September



European Rowing Championships, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

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