STAGING Sights and sounds of WRJC 2011 - British Rowing

Sights and sounds of WRJC 2011

We take a look at some of the sights and scenes of the 2011 WRJC, including:

– A gang of photo-friendly Russians


– Some slightly confused Germans

– A friendly face dropping by

– And a whole host of Smurfs

WRJC 2011 Volunteers

The permanently-smiling volunteers of the 2011 WRJC!

Holly Nixon

Holly Nixon celebrates winning Ireland’s first ever medal at junior championship level.

WRJC 2011 finish line

You can almost feel the pain…

German crew celebrates

Nothing unusual about this photograph of the German team celebrating yet another gold medal…

German crew's Union Jack socks

… but hang on! LOOK AT THEIR FEET!

Sir Steve Redgrave

A familiar face drops by to say hello!

Russian crew WRJC 2011

This Russian crew won’t be stopped as they carry their boat down to the water…

Russian crew

… well, not before asking to pose for a better picture, anyway!

WRJC Smurfs

One thing WRJC 2011 chairman and Olympic gold medallist Ben Hunt-Davis wasn’t expecting from the championships; to be dressed up like a giant Smurf by the end!

France supporter

Anyone fancy a guess at who this colourful fellow is supporting?

Italy celebrates at WRJC 2011

The agony and the ecstasy.

Czech team WRJC 2011

It’s nice to see the Czech team have gone for matching crew-cuts, but how do the coaches tell them apart?

LYR Volunteers

These London Youth Rowing volunteers enjoy their day watching the rowers of the future from the British Rowing tent…

British Rowing Taster session

… but it wasn’t all about the elite athletes; there were also British Rowing taster sessions to get newcomers out onto the water. Could these youngsters actually be the future rowers of the future?