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Four semi wins and two medals for GB Rowing Team on day two in Belgrade

The GB Rowing Team – spearheaded by semi-final victories in the men’s and women’s pair, the lightweight men’s double scull and the men’s four – had a buoyant day on the water at the season’s opening world cup in Belgrade.

In the non-Olympic classes, a silver from Kathryn Twyman in the lightweight women’s single scull and a gold from Paul Mattick and Adam Freeman-Pask in the lightweight men’s pair put the seal on the day.

Helen Glover and Heather Stanning paved the way in winning their women’s pair semi. George Nash and Will Satch followed suit in the men’s pair.


Stroke Andrew Triggs Hodge set the pace for the men’s four, also featuring Tom James, Pete Reed and Alex Gregory, to win their semi-final.

Later in the afternoon, in warm and fast racing conditions, Olympic champions Zac Purchase and Mark Hunter definitely had a good day at the office in winning their semi-final of the lightweight men’s double scull.

Sam Townsend and Bill Lucas impressed in the GB Rowing Team’s men’s double scull. Although second to Germany, this was a very close and exciting race.

Alan Campbell progressed by taking third place in the open-weight men’s single scull.

“I’m very, very pleased with today’s semi-finals. I think it’s all to play for tomorrow. We’ve come here to learn how we have emerged from the winter and as the start of our Olympic campaign rather than to come here as the fully-ready Olympic team as yet”, said GB Rowing Team Performance Director David Tanner.

“I think it’s been perfect in terms of opposition here and we should enjoy tomorrow and I am sure we will have some good results”, he added.

“As to the two first-string crews who did not get through to the final, Rachel Gamble-Flint who was sixth today in the single scull, is an U23 and learning here in good company and the men’s quadruple scull is finding its feet after some changes. A boat like this takes some time to settle and the winning time in that semi-final was very quick. So I’m not unhappy”, said Tanner.

Andrea Dennis and Imogen Walsh, racing here in GBR 2, were clearly disappointed as they missed out narrowly in third place in their repechage of the lightweight women’s double scull.

Tomorrow the GB Rowing Team will have 12 finalists from a possible 14 with racing in the A Finals starting at 09.43 UK Time. Racing will be live on the red button on the BBC.


Helen Glover and Heather Stanning enjoyed some fast racing conditions here to record a quick time and win their semi-final of he women’s pair.

The World Silver medalists were in the pack at 250m gone but emerged strongly after 500m to hit the front and take a lead of over a length by halfway. The early race leaders, Holland, faded back.

“It was our first opportunity to race the Romanians. I think some people went out quickly, like the Dutch, in the beginning but paid
for it towards the end today”, said Stanning.

The men’s pair were also strong winners of their semi-final. Perhaps more surprisingly in their case as Will Satch and George Nash are a very new pairing for the GB Rowing Team.

They made sure they were in the right place 300m into the race, then moved up into the lead and stepped on further ahead of local favourites Nenad Bedik and Jovan Popovic of Serbia and the second-ranked Dutch pair.

Nash and Satch went on to hold that lead, dispelling fears of potentially fatal over-exuberance in the first half of the race, and to win in 6:33.33.

Satch said: “I think we have done what we wanted to do and it’s been pretty exciting but we haven’t won anything yet”.

Nash added: “Once we got to the 1k mark, it was all about limiting the damage from the other crews but also about our own bodies, trying to conserve as much as we could for tomorrow’s final without giving the race away. There is certainly more in the tank”.

Expectations are always high when a GB Rowing Team men’s four take to the water to race. Today was no exception and the quartet of Andrew Triggs Hodge, Pete Reed, Tom James and Alex Gregory did not disappoint

750m into their semi-final it was clear that the combination was going to win – and probably comfortably. Today they started better than in yesterday’s heat. They were in the thick of the race after the first 250m and then pushed out into that comfortable lead.

By 1200m the crew looked quick and connected and comfortable and went onto win in 5:54.34 from the Netherlands in second and France third.

Needless to say there was no complacency afterwards. This is a crew on a mission to get to know each other and grow together.

Alex Gregory said: “It was much more in the right direction today. We were actually really happy with yesterday, too.

“Not every time you get in a crew, does it work immediately. But we’re not stressed about it and we’re building slowly and gradually within ourselves and that race today showed that we have moved on”.

Andy Triggs Hodge: “It is definitely a work in progress. We really wanted to step on with each race and we’re doing that. The other semi was a lot faster though and even though we looked better today it was still not fast enough”.

Sam Townsend and Bill Lucas found themselves in a tough tussle with Germany behind the early leaders Italy in their men’s double scull semi-final. As Italy faded, around the 750m mark, Germany and GB went bow-ball to bow-ball for the lead. As the crews raced past the grandstands Germany held onto the marginal lead that they held from 1500m to win in 6:09.28 to Britain’s 6:09.79.

Nonetheless, this was an eye-catching performance from the new British combination.

Townsend said: “We rowed a pretty solid race. Our race profile was pretty good, you’d say spot on if we weren’t half a canvas down at the end!

“Our objective was make sure you qualify and be competitive at the front of the field. We know we’re capable of winning tomorrow and we don’t shy away from that but we have to get every aspect of the race right in all four quarters”.

Mindaugas Griskonis might sound, to the language-shy British, like he should be a character in J K Rowling’s Harry Potter. Today, though, he won the semi-final of the open-weight men’s single scull with a storming final 500m to beat Olympic Champion Ondrej Synek and three-times World Championships medalist Alan Campbell.

The Lithuanian’s victory meant that the experienced Swede Lassi Karonen was consigned to the B final in fourth place.

Campbell looked comfortable in qualifying behind Synek. Both men are great friends but fierce rivals and Synek is renowned as a wily racer.

The new-look GB Rowing Team men’s quadruple scull are still in learning mode. They were fourth in today’s semi-final, unable to find enough in the final surge to the line to take one of the top three slots in a race won by Croatia, in a time just shy of a world’s best, with Estonia second and Russia third.

“It was a very quick time today and when you turn things round it takes a little time with boats like a quad”, said GB Rowing Performance Director after the race. “They are still finding their feet”.

Perhaps their best came in the third quarter when Marcus Bateman, Matt Wells, Charles Cousins and Stephen Rowbotham were challenging strongly for third.

Zac Purchase and Mark Hunter, the Olympic and World Champions, were slow away at the start in the semi-final of the lightweight men’s double scull today but soon recovered. They were leading at halfway from Greece and Hungary with China, the fastest crew from yesterday’s heats, slipping gradually back off the pace in fourth.

Once ahead the British duo were never challenged and crossed the line a length in front in a very good performance against a tough field.

Paul Mattick and Adam Freeman-Pask were leading virtually from starter’s buzzer to the finish buoy-line in Belgrade in the lightweight
men’s pair final today.

Mattick, 2010 World Champion in the lightweight men’s four, looked across with 350m to go from his bow-seat. He would have seen that the remainder of the field were trying to come back strongly.

He could also see that barring accidents, the British duo would take gold – as they duly did in 6:36.22 from the Czech Republic in second and France in third.

“That felt very quick from the start today”, said Freeman Pask. “It all seems to have come together. We’ve had some pretty dark days trying to get it right so it was really enjoyable today”.

Kathryn Twyman was in close contention in the final of the lightweight women’s single scull – an international rather than Olympic class – as the sun began to go down over the Sava lake in Belgrade.

“I didn’t quite have the legs today but I really, really enjoyed that final”, said Twyman. “In the team the standard is really high so I knew I had a chance today”.

Imogen Walsh and Andrea Dennis were so close to qualifying into tomorrow’s final of the lightweight women’s double scull that the British supporters, here in numbers, must have hoped their shouts of support in the final 500m would work magic for them. It wasn’t to be and they fell agonizingly short, just two tenths behind the Dutch second-paced crew.

Rachel Gamble Flint was also unable to qualify but is definitely here to learn her trade in the single scull. As an emerging U23 she has acquitted herself well here.

The women’s eight raced for a lane draw in tomorrow’s final and were second.

Mike Mottram (known pretty universally as “Mikey) was tucked into third place in his semi-final of the non-Olympic lightweight single scull semi-final today. Peter Galambos of Hungary was the clear leader from Livio Padula of Italy in second.

The positions remained unchanged through half-way but in the final phases, Mottram stepped up the pace and secured qualification for tonight’s final in second where he finished out of the medals in fifth place. It was a good first regatta at this level for him.



Single scull
1 Michaela Taupe-Traer (Austria 1) 7:48.45
2 Kathryn Twyman (GREAT BRITAIN) 7:50.11
3 Pamela Weisshaupt (Switzerland) 7:52.83
4 Cecilia Lilja (Sweden 1) 7:57.17
5 Claire Lamb (Ireland) 8:03.47
6 Helena Pavkovic (Croatia) 8:09.51

Single scull
1 Pietro Ruta (Italy1) 6:56.94
2 Peter Galambos (Hungary) 6:58.56
3 Jeremie Azou (France 1) 7:01.06
4 Stany Delayre (France 2) 7:08.64
5 Michael Mottram (GREAT BRITAIN) 7:12.57
6 Svein Urban Ringstad (Norway 3) 7:13.56

1 Paul Mattick/Adam Freeman-Pask (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:36.22
2 Jiri Kopk/Miroslav Vrastil Jnr (Czech Republic) 6:38.22
3 Fabien Tilliet/Jean-Christophe Bette (France) 6:40.50
4 Arnoud Greidanus/Joris Pijs (Netherlands 2) 6:42.1
5 Li Lei/Zhongwei Li (China) 6:46.30
6 Chiu Mang Tng/Cheong Kwan Ki (Hong Kong) 6:48.08

Semi-final 2
1 Helen Glover/Heather Stanning (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:57.50
2 Claudia Belderbps/Chantal Achterberg (Netherlands 1) 6:59.59
3 Kerstin Hartmann/Marlene Sinnig (Germany) 7:00.60
4 Georgeta Andrunache/Viorica Susanu (Romania 1) 7:05.88
5 Carline Bouw/Annemiek de Haan (Netherlands 2) 7:09.73
6 Victoria Nencheva/Iskra Angelova (Azerbaijan)

Single scull
Semi-final 2
1 Iva Obradovic (Serbia 1) 7:22.98
2 Frida Svensson (Sweden) 7:29.06
3 Nataliya Mustafayeva (Azerbaijan) 7:30.61
4 Tale Gjoertz (Norway) 7:32.62
5 Donata Vistartaite (Lithuania) 7:38.12
6 Rachel GambleFlint (GREAT BRITAIN) 7:38.33

Semi-final 2
1 George Nash/William Satch (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:33.33
2 Nenad Bedik/Jovan Popovic (Serbia 1) 6:35.18
3 Nanne Sluis/Meindert Klem (Netherlands 2) 6:35.65
4 Diego Lopez/Joaquin Iwan (Argentina) 6:37.35
5 Derk Noordhuis/David Kuiper (Netherlands 1) 6:45.93
6 Adrian Juhasz/Bela Simon Jnr (Hungary) 6:49.72

Semi-final 1
1 Alex Gregory/Pete Reed/Tom James/Andrew Triggs Hodge
2 Netherlands 5:57.19
3 France 5:57.85
4 Russia 5:58.00
5 Germany 6:00.69
6 Serbia 6:00.69

Double scull
Semi-final 1
1 Eric Knittel/Stephen Krueger (Germany 1) 6:09.26
2 Bill Lucas/Sam Townsend (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:09.79
3 Alessio Sartori/Romano Battisti (Italy 1) 6:10.78
4 Ariel Suarez/Christian Rosso (Argentina) 6:13.30
5 Dmytro Mikhai/Artem Morozov (Ukraine 1) 6:20.00
6 Milos Vasic/Marko Marjanovic (Serbia) 6:22.12

Quadruple scull
Semi-final 1
1 Croatia 5:36.64
2 Estonia 5:37.65
3 Russia 5:38.64
4 Matt Wells/Stephen Rowbotham /Charles Cousins/Marcus Bateman (GREAT BRITAIN) 5:39.11
5 Ukraine 5:41.26
6 Poland 5:43.32

Double scull
Semi-final 2
1 Zac Purchase/Mark Hunter (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:14.84
2 Zsolt Hirling/Tamas Varga (Hungary 1) 6:16.28
3 Panagiotis Magdanis/Eleftherios Konsolas (Greece) 6:18.37
4 Chongkui Wu/Fangbing Zhang (China) 6:20.28
5 Paul Sieber/Bernhard Sieber (Austria 4) 6:32.26
6 Jan Vetesnik/Ondrej Vetesnik (Czech Republic 1) 6:32.82

Double scull
Repechage 2
1 Anne Lolk Thomsen (Denmark) 6:55.67
2 Rianne Sigmond/Maaike Head (Netherlands) 6:56.02
3 Imogen Walsh/Andrea Dennis (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:56.25
4 Christina Sperrer/Sara Karlson (Austria) 7:06.83
5 Olga Arkadova/Natalia Varfolomeeva (Russia) 7:08.71

1 Romania 6:01.87
2 Jo Cook/Olivia Carnegie-Brown/Olivia Whitlam/Victoria Meyer-Laker/
Jessica Eddie/Emily Taylor/Katie Greves/Lindsey Maguire/Caroline O’Connor (cox) 6:03.84
3 Ukraine 6:10.04
Netherlands DNS


Belgrade, Serbia, 4-6 May, 2012

(See home-towns, clubs and dates of birth in list below. Named here in crews bow to stroke unless indicated. (Coach in brackets).




Helen Glover/Heather Stanning
(Robin Williams)


Jo Cook/Olivia Carnegie Brown/ Olivia Whitlam/Vicki Meyer-Lake/Jess Eddie/Emily Taylor/Katie Greves/Lindsey Maguire/Caroline O’Connor (cox)
(Nick Strange)

Single scull – Two boats

Rachel Gamble Flint
(Jane Hall)

Natasha Page
(Jane Hall)

Double scull

Anna Watkins/Katherine Grainger
(Paul Thompson)

Quadruple scull

Beth Rodford/Melanie Wilson/Frances Houghton/Victoria Thornley
(Ade Roberts)



George Nash/Will Satch
(Paul Stannard & Christian Felkel)


Tom James/Alex Gregory/Peter Reed/Andrew Triggs Hodge
(Jurgen Grobler)


Nathaniel Reilly O Donnell/Alex Partridge/Ric Egington/Tom Ransley Greg Searle /Moe Sbihi/James Foad/Matt Langridge/ /Phelan Hill (cox)
(John West & Christian Felkel)

Single scull – two boats

Alan Campbell
(Bill Barry)

Tom Solesbury
(Mark Banks)

Double scull

Bill Lucas/Sam Townsend
(Mark Earnshaw)

Quadruple scull

Matt Wells/Stephen Rowbotham /Charles Cousins/Marcus Bateman
(Mark Banks)



Single scull

Kathryn Twyman
(Paul Reedy)

Double scull – two boats

Sophie Hosking/Kat Copeland
(Paul Reedy)

Imogen Walsh/Andrea Dennis
(Paul Reedy)



Paul Mattick/Adam Freeman-Pask
(Rob Morgan)


Peter Chambers/Rob Williams/Richard Chambers/Chris Bartley
(Rob Morgan)


Mike Mottram

Double scull

Zac Purchase/Mark Hunter
(Darren Whiter)



Helen Glover   Minerva Bath   Penzance   17/06/86   
Heather Stanning   Army RC   Lossiemouth   26/01/85   
Coach: Robin Williams            
Jo Cook   Leander Club   Sunbury-on-Thames   22/03/84
Olivia Carnegie-Brown Oxford Brookes Univ BC Oxford 28/03/1991
Olivia Whitlam   Agecroft RC   Warrington   16/09/85
Vicki Meyer-Lake Leander Club Premnay 18/03/1988
Jessica Eddie   Univ of London BC   Durham   07/10/84
Emily Taylor   Leander Club   Lincoln   28/06/87
Katie Greves   Leander Club   Oxford   02/09/82
Lindsey Maguire   Wallingford RC   Edinburgh   15/01/82
Caroline O’Connor (cox)   Oxford Brookes Univ BC   Ealing, London 25/04/83   
Coach: Nick Strange            
Single Scull (Boat 1)  
Rachel Gamble-Flint   Leander Club   Darlington   13/09/91   
Coach: Jane Hall

(Boat 2)
Natasha Page Gloucester RC Hartpury 30/04/85
Double Scull         
Anna Watkins   Leander Club   Leek, Staffs.   13/02/83   
Katherine Grainger   St Andrew BC   Aberdeen   12/11/75   
Coach: Paul Thompson            
Quadruple Scull            
Beth Rodford   Gloucester RC   Gloucester   28/12/82   
Melanie Wilson   Imperial College BC   London   25/06/84   
Frances Houghton   Leander Club   Oxford   19/09/80   
Victoria Thornley   Leander Club   Wrexham   30/11/87   
Coach: Ade Roberts            
George Nash   Molesey BC   Guildford   02/10/89   
Will Satch   Leander Club   Henley-on-Thames   09/06/89   
Coaches: Christian Felkel & Paul Stannard
Tom James   Molesey BC   Wrexham   11/03/84   
Alex Gregory   Leander Club   Wormington   11/03/84   
Pete Reed   Leander Club   Nailsworth, Glos   27/07/81   
Andrew Triggs Hodge   Molesey BC   Hebden, N. Yorks   03/03/79   
Coach: Jürgen Grobler            
Nathaniel Reilly O’Donnell Uni of London BC Durham 13/04/88
Alex Partridge   Leander Club   Alton, Hants   25/01/81
Richard Egington   Leander Club   Knutsford   26/02/79
Tom Ransley   York City RC   Cambridge   06/09/85
Greg Searle   Molesey BC   Marlow   20/03/72
Mohamed Sbihi   Molesey BC   Surbiton   27/03/88
James Foad   Molesey BC   Southampton   20/03/87
Matthew Langridge   Leander Club   Northwich   20/05/83
Cox – Phelan Hill   Leander   Bedford   21/07/79
Coaches: John West & Christian Felkel         
Single Scull           
Alan Campbell   Tideway Scullers School   Coleraine   09/05/83
Coach: Bill Barry
Double Scull            
Bill Lucas   London RC   Kingswear   13/09/87   
Sam Townsend   Reading Univ BC   Reading   26/11/85   
Coach: Mark Earnshaw            
Quadruple Scull         
Matthew Wells   Leander Club   Hexham, Northumberland   19/04/79
Stephen Rowbotham   Leander Club   Winscombe, Somerset   11/11/81
Charles Cousins   Reading Univ BC   Willingham, Cambs   13/12/88
Marcus Bateman Leander Club Torquay 16/09/1982
Coach: Mark Banks

Single Scull
Kathryn Twyman   Wallingford RC   Oxford   29/03/87
Coach: Paul Reedy 
Double Scull (Boat 1)        
Sophie Hosking   London RC   Wimbledon   25/01/86   
Katherine Copeland   Tees RC   Ingleby Barwick, Stockton-on-Tees   01/12/90 
Coach: Paul Reedy 
Double Scull (Boat 2)            
Imogen Walsh   London RC   Inverness   17/01/84   
Andrea Dennis   Imperial College BC   Oxford   03/01/82   
Coach: Paul Reedy            
Paul Mattick   Leander Club   Frome, Somerset   25/04/78
Adam Freeman-Pask   Imperial College BC   Windsor   19/06/85   
Coaches: Rob Morgan & Darren Whiter         
Peter Chambers   Oxford Brookes Univ BC   Coleraine   14/03/90
Rob Williams   London RC   Maidenhead   21/01/85
Richard Chambers   Leander Club   Coleraine   10/06/85  
Chris Bartley   Leander Club   Chester   02/02/84   
Coach: Rob Morgan
Mike Mottram Leander Club Stoke Mandeville 08/06/1990
Double Scull
Zac Purchase   Marlow RC   Tewkesbury   02/05/86   
Mark Hunter   Leander Club   Romford, Essex   01/07/78   
Coach: Darren Whiter


FINALS (International classes only)

17.00 – 18.00

Sunday 6 May

09.20 – 10.30

B Finals – (Olympic classes)
FINALS – (Olympic classes)

The dates and venues for the other two world cups are:

Lucerne, Switzerland, 24-26 May

Munich, Germany, 15-17, June


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