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Golden Grainger – she’s done it!

Friday 3rd August – for British rowers and rowing supporters a place at Eton Dorney for today’s programme was without a doubt the sport’s ‘hot ticket’.

Katherine Grainger’s fifteen year quest for a Gold medal finally ended this morning on home territory,  amidst the tears and cheers of an ecstatic and emotional crowd.  If there had been roof rafters to raise the  inspirational crowd at Eton Dorney would definitely have raised them.  


Rowers everywhere felt the anticipation, the relief and the elation as Katherine Grainger and Anna Watkins crossed the line in first place to win what she has called ‘the people’s medal’. 

Every Olympic crew puts in so much work but after almost twenty years dedication to rowing this was a very  special moment.  Congratulations to Katherine and to Anna, from everyone who loves the sport.

Have you been inspired to have a go yourself?

Rowing is not just about inspiring one generation – it’s about inspiring every generation to step into a boat and experience the magic.

For many this is a sport they have stayed in all their lives.  For others, like 71 year old Christine Gleave, rowing has been a pleasure discovered later in life.  Christine describes how she joined her local club four years ago and now rows regularly two days a week.  “It’s just wonderful, I wish more people would come down and do it.  On Monday we rowed upriver .. the sun was out, the water was still .. it was perfection!  You have to have a love of the water but I’d encourage everyone to have a go!”
You can listen to Christine’s words below

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