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Lightweight rowing in the schedule for Paris 2024

The IOC have published the programme for Paris 2024


Emily Craig and Imogen Grant at the 2019 World Rowing Championships (Anthony Benoit)

Following news this week that the Olympic rowing programme for Paris 2024 will feature the same 14 rowing events as in Tokyo, British Rowing CEO Andy Parkinson said:

“We are naturally disappointed that coastal rowing has not been included in the programme for Paris 2024 as was hoped.  However, we fully appreciate the financial situation that the IOC currently faces in the short to medium term, and are encouraged that coastal rowing is still on the table for LA in 2028.  We congratulate World Rowing on all the work they have put in to get to this stage and are committed to working with them in the future on developing this discipline.


“In the meantime, British Rowing will continue to build an Olympic class coastals programme in the UK as we prepare for the World Rowing Coastal Championships and Beach Sprint Finals in Saundersfoot, Wales in 2022.

“With that being said, we are delighted to hear that lightweight rowing will remain on the programme for Paris 2024.  Great Britain has had many brilliant lightweight rowers through the years who have produced countless inspirational moments on the world stage.  I am sure this news will be welcomed by our current GB squad and lightweight rowers around the UK.”

World Rowing President Jean-Christophe Rolland said: “Of course, this is disappointing news for all those who are convinced that Coastal Rowing is a clear added value for the Olympic Games and for the sport, in general. But, over the past nine months, it has become clear that there was no tolerance within the budget and the human resource areas for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games Organising Committee, and that any new costs or added organisational demands would be challenged. We acknowledge that the world has changed and that France has had a massive impact from the COVID-19 pandemic, in human and economic terms.

“World Rowing also understands the challenge of the quota across all sports and appreciates that it, along with ten other sports, had to bear the consequences of the decision to add the four sports within the terms of Olympic Charter, i.e., 10’500 athletes. We will find the best way to deal with these 24 places over the next few months.

“The good news here is that the lightweights get one more Olympic Games, and that there was no reduction in the number of events. Lightweight rowing is a massively popular category of our sport and hopefully this comes as great news to lightweight rowing community all around the world.

“The second reason for satisfaction is the positive feedback on the proposal for the inclusion of Coastal rowing in the Olympic programme. We do look forward to pursuing the constructive dialogue and the concrete discussions with the IOC and LA2028 to eventually see Coastal rowing events at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 2028.”