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School’s Indoor Rowing

Are you looking to organise an indoor rowing inter school competition? The following guidance explains how an indoor rowing inter school competition can be organised as part of the School Games programme.

Please use the model as you see fit – we invite new ideas and comments. Please email Dan Hetherington ( Further School Games resources are also available on the Row to Success mini-site.


Schools can enter teams of various ages/sexes.  The participants’ achievements are measured against the ‘British Rowing Gold Medal standard times’ and expressed as a percentage of that time.

School Games Rowability Information

For more information, please see the Row to Success mini-site.

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A school team consists of five people and can comprise pupils of any age or sex, however, a mix of girls and boys is recommended.

A maximum of two teams may be entered per competition by each school. It is hoped that these competitions will enable schools to allow as many pupils as possible to compete, with the top 10 from each school being selected to represent the school at an Area final. At this event, the top school and best individuals receive trophies and presentation prizes. The best athletes at this local event are selected to form a team to represent the city at a Regional competition.


To reflect the various levels of fitness and endurance ability, the standard times require different duration pieces for specific age groups with different target distances for boys and girls.  For example, if a Year 8 boy rows for three minutes, the distance achieved will be compared with the standard (810m) and expressed as a percentage score. Year 7s row for two minutes, Year 8 for three minutes and so on.

The percentages of the individual team members will be averaged to give the team score.  The team with the highest score wins that event. Recognition certificates are awarded to the school and the top three individual boys and girls.

British Rowing Gold Medal standard times

Year groupRowing timeBoy’s targetGirl’s target
72 min510m490m
83 min810m750m
94 min1125m1020m
105 min1430m1275m
116 min1720m1540m
Year group:
Rowing time:
2 min
Boy’s target:
Girl’s target:
Year group:
Rowing time:
3 min
Boy’s target:
Girl’s target:
Year group:
Rowing time:
4 min
Boy’s target:
Girl’s target:
Year group:
Rowing time:
5 min
Boy’s target:
Girl’s target:
Year group:
Rowing time:
6 min
Boy’s target:
Girl’s target:
Year group:
Rowing time:
Boy’s target:
Girl’s target:


A spreadsheet template is available and can be used for entries and calculating results. As races are completed, the scores can be updated and a final result calculated by the software. This is usually undertaken by a member of staff or an older student.

Points can be allocated to the teams depending on finishing positions and added up to give running totals and league positions.  The exact format of this depends on the number of schools and matches run during a season. As a result of all this data, a participant’s progress can be tracked throughout the event and statistics accumulated.

Want to see how you rank nationally? Visit RowLog!

Team Relay

A great way to end each session is to run a “Team Relay”. All the children – and perhaps some staff! – can compete against each other to promote team work and friendly competition. It takes the form of a 2016 metre row or an eight minute race in teams of four.

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