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Rotterdam and Poznan the target as World Trials begin

The future of the GB Rowing Team is on display at Caversham this week as the national training centre stages Trials for this summer’s World Senior and U23 Championships in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


Mathilda Hodgkins-Byrne was quickest in the women's single © Peter Spurrier/Intersport Images

Places in the British squad for September’s FISU World University Championships in Poznan, Poland are also at stake at the two-day event, which is being attended by 123 rowers and nine invited coxes.

Among them are two rowers who already have experience at the senior World Championships, the women’s pair of Caragh McMurtry and Becca Chin – the latter won a silver medal with the women’s four in 2015.


They went second-fastest in Monday’s time trials, which were rescheduled from the morning to late afternoon due to adverse weather conditions.

Just over a second quicker in 7:03.52 were the Tees RC pair of Beth Bryan – a medallist with the eight at the past two World U23 Championships – and Jo Wratten, while Fiona Gammond and Katherine Douglas were close behind in third place. Leading the way for the U23s were Exeter University’s Alex Flynn and Oluwaseun Olusanya in sixth place.

Jon Stimpson © Peter Spurrier / Intersport Images
Mary Wilson © Peter Spurrier / Intersport Images
Sam Tuck © Peter Spurrier / Intersport Images

Reading University BC’s Mathilda Hodgins-Byrne was nine seconds quicker than nearest challenger Emily Carmichael in the women’s single scull time-trial.

Hodgkins-Byrne, an U23 rower who finished fourth overall at the Olympic-season Trials, clocked 7:19.39. Melissa Wilson, a medallist at the last two World U23 Championships, was third-fastest, followed by aspiring GB debutants Rebecca Girling and Ruth Siddorn.

Less than a second separated the top four in what looks likely to be a well-contested men’s single competition.

Nottingham RC’s Jon Stimpson, a B finalist at the Olympic-season Trials, narrowly had the edge in a time of 6:47.54, while second-placed Tom Barras was the fastest U23 rower in 6:48.00 – he was part of the GB quad at last year’s World U23s. Rowan Law, Dave Bell and Harry Glenister made up the top five.

Beth Bryan and Jo Wratten went fastest in the women's pair © Peter Spurrier/Intersport Images
Matt Rossiter and Cameron Buchan © Peter Spurrier / Intersport Images

The men’s pair time trial saw Leander Club’s Cameron Buchan and Matt Rossiter – a 2007 World Junior Champion with George Nash in the men’s four – lead the way in 6:13.88.

In second were the fastest U23 crew of James Rudkin and Lewis McCue. Both represented Britain at last year’s World U23s, McCue winning silver in the men’s four.

Completing the top five in the time trial were Timothy Clarke and Thomas Ford, Oliver Hines and Graham Ord, and Michael Glover and Morgan Bolding.

In the lightweight section, Molesey BC’s Sam Tuck was fastest in the men’s single scull in 6:47.95. Just behind him were three members of last year’s U23 four that won bronze in Plovdiv, Bulgaria – Jonathan Jackson, Edward Fisher and Ben Reeves. John Hale was fifth.

Mary Wilson of Wallingford RC set the pace in the lightweight women’s single, a time of 7:31.88 putting her just ahead of Fran Rawlins – she won the B final at last month’s Olympic-season Trials.

Third fastest was Susannah Duncan, a women’s quad silver-medallist at last year’s World Junior Championships in Rio, while just two-tenths of a second separated Maddie Arlett and Robyn Hart-Winks in fourth and fifth.

Due to the time trials being delayed, the semi-finals have now been rescheduled for 9.37am on Tuesday and the finals for 2.30pm. Any further changes to the racing schedule will be disclosed on Twitter via @gbrowingteam.


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Race Results


* denotes U23






1. Jon Stimpson (Nottingham RC) 6:47.54

2. Tom Barras (Leander Club)* 6:48.00

3. Rowan Law (Leander Club)* 6:48.18

4. Dave Bell (Molesey BC) 6:48.51

5. Harry Glenister (Leander Club)* 6:49.03

6. George Stewart (Molesey BC)* 6:49.46

7. Frazier Christie (Leander Club) 6:50.38

8. Andy Joel (Leander Club)* 6:51.39

9. Chris Lawrie (Sir William Borlase)* 6:51.49

10. Callum Johnson (Tees RC)* 6:53.44

11. Tristan Vouilloz (Imperial College BC) 6:54.10

12. Nick Bell (Bath Univ BC)* 6:55.56

13. Sam Twine (Reading Univ BC)* 6:55.75

14. Richard Clarke (Univ of London BC) 6:55.84

15. Cameron Harrison (Tees RC)* 6:56.30

16. George Hallewell (Nottingham RC) 6:56.42

17. Jake Brown (Agecroft RC) 7:03.87



1. Cameron Buchan (Leander Club)/Matt Rossiter (Leander Club) 6:13.88

2. James Rudkin (Newcastle Univ BC)*/Lewis McCue (Robert Gordon Uni)* 6:17.22

3. Timothy Clarke (Leander Club)/Thomas Ford (Leander Club) 6:18.13

4. Oliver Hines (Imperial College BC)*/Graham Ord (Edinburgh Univ BC)* 6:22.84

5. Michael Glover (Oxford Brookes Univ BC)*     /Morgan Bolding (Oxford Brookes Univ BC)* 6:24.49

6. Rory Gibbs (Oxford Brookes Univ BC)*/Matthew Aldridge (Oxford Brookes Univ BC)* 6:25.07

7. Barnaby Stentiford (Leander Club)/Adam Neill (Leander Club) 6:25.63

8. David Ambler (St Pauls School BC)*/Chris Heywood (Molesey BC)* 6:26.29

9. Luke Moon (Molesey BC)/Sam Whittaker (Molesey BC) 6:27.35

10. Will New (Newcastle Univ BC)*/James Robson (Newcastle Univ BC)* 6:29.75

11. Alex Haynes (Newcastle Univ BC)*/Oli Knight (Newcastle Univ BC)* 6:30.55

12. Chetan Chauhan-Sims (Durham Univ BC)*/Edward Gleadowe (Durham Univ BC)* 6:31.29

13. Henry Swarbrick (Oxford Brookes Univ BC)*/James Stanhope (Oxford Brookes Univ BC)* 6:31.48

14. Calum Irvine (Edinburgh Univ BC)*/Rufus Scholefield (Edinburgh Univ BC)* 6:32.31

15. Toby Heaton (Imperial College BC)*/Ben Thomas (Imperial College BC)* 6:35.18

16. Patrick Boomer (Univ of London BC)*/Charles Middleton (Univ of London BC)* 6:36.05

17. Matt Hnatiw (Oxford Brookes Univ BC)*/Will Hall (Oxford Brookes Univ BC)* 6:36.90

18. Robbie Massey (Oxford Brookes Univ BC)/Richard Hume (Oxford Brookes Univ BC)* 6:38.26




1. Mathilda Hodgkins-Byrne (Reading Univ BC)* 7:19.39

2. Emily Carmichael (Leander Club) 7:28.78

3. Melissa Wilson (Cambridge Univ BC) 7:30.88

4. Rebecca Girling (Molesey BC) 7:31.35

5. Ruth Siddorn (Oxford Univ Women’s BC)* 7:33.87

6. Lucy Burgess (Agecroft RC)* 7:35.21

7. Sam Courty (Reading RC) 7:35.29

8. Anastasia Chitty (Oxford Univ Women’s BC) 7:39.09

9. Caitlin Boyland (Nottingham RC) 7:40.26

10. Charlotte Hodgkins-Byrne (Univ of London BC)* 7:40.71

11. Katie Bartlett (Nottingham RC)* 7:41.88

12. Isabelle Drinkwater (Reading Univ BC)* 7:47.11

13. Helen O’Riordan (Newcastle Univ BC) 7:54.97



1. Beth Bryan (Tees RC)/Jo Wratten (Tees RC) 7:03.52

2. Caragh McMurtry (Southampton Coalporters)/Rebecca Chin (Agecroft RC) 7:04.88

3. Fiona Gammond (Leander Club)/Katherine Douglas (Leander Club) 7:05.62

4. Gabby Rodgriguez (Molesey BC)/Aimee Jonckers (Molesey BC) 7:11.67

5. Annie Withers (Oxford Brookes Univ BC)/Ailish Sheehan (Univ of London BC) 7:12.98

6. Alex Flynn (Exeter Univ BC)*/Oluwaseun Olusanya (Exeter Univ BC)* 7:16.58

7. Emily Ford (Newcastle Univ BC)*/Nicole Lamb (Newcastle Univ BC)* 7:17.89

8. Lauren Kedar (Oxford Univ Women’s BC)*/Maddy Badcott (Oxford Univ Women’s BC)* 7:19.50

9. Jess Brown (Oxford Brookes Univ BC)/Susie Dear (Oxford Brookes Univ BC) 7:19.86

10. Rebecca Edwards (Molesey BC)/Helen Roberts (Molesey BC) 7:22.04

11. Fionnuala Gannon (Univ of London BC)*/Georgia Statham (Univ of London BC)* 7:24.59





1. Sam Tuck (Molesey BC) 6:47.95

2. Jonathan Jackson (Leander Club)* 6:48.23

3. Edward Fisher (Leander Club)* 6:54.16

4. Ben Reeves (Oxford Brookes Univ BC)* 6:54.23

5. John Hale (Imperial College BC) 6:56.08

6. Gavin Horsburgh (Edinburgh Univ BC)* 6:56.63

7. Alastair Douglass (Molesey BC)* 6:57.03

8. Matt Bedford (Univ of London BC) 6:57.54

9. Matthew Curtis (Edinburgh Univ BC)* 6:58.39

10. Hugo Coussens (Durham Univ BC)* 6:58.97

11. James Richards (Univ of London BC)* 6:59.91

12. Gregor Maxwell (Edinburgh Univ BC) 7:00.19

13. Oliver Hayward (Oxford Brookes Univ BC)* 7:01.09

14. Oliver Morgan (Oxford Brookes Univ BC)* 7:01.33

15. Iain Mandale (Imperial College BC) 7:01.49

16. Sebastian Matthews (Norwich RC)* 7:03.47

17. Paul Jones (Imperial College BC) 7:03.62

18. Frazer Russell (Molesey BC) 7:05.19

19. Ollie Varley (Newcastle Univ BC)* 7:07.44

20. Barnaby Stroud-Turp (Newcastle Univ BC)* 7:08.40

21. James Temple (Edinburgh Univ BC)* 7:08.83

22. Thomas Hutchinson (Newcastle Univ BC)* 7:10.36

23. James Stevenson (Newcastle Univ BC)* 7:16.80




1. Mary Wilson (Wallingford RC)* 7:31.88

2. Fran Rawlins (Leander Club) 7:32.52

3. Susannah Duncan (Exeter Univ BC)* 7:33.83

4. Maddie Arlett (Edinburgh Univ BC)* 7:37.63

5. Robyn Hart-Winks (Edinburgh Univ BC) 7:37.84

6. Ellie Lewis (Agecroft RC)* 7:38.29

7. Suzi Perry (Univ of London BC) 7:39.06

8. Imogen Mackie (Oxford Brookes Univ BC)* 7:44.25

9. Amelia Carlton (Wallingford RC)* 7:46.81

10. Camilla Plumb (Peterborough City RC)* 7:51.05

11. Emma McDonald (Glasgow Univ BC)* 7:55.76

12. Louise Hart (Oxford Brookes Univ BC) 8:04.41


Crew List


* denotes U23






Tom Barras (Leander Club/Staines/07.01.94)*

Dave Bell (Molesey BC/Hull/31.05.87)

Nick Bell (Bath University BC/Berkhamsted/16.03.94)*

Jake Brown (Agecroft RC/Portishead/17.05.93)

Frazier Christie (Leander Club/Bath/11.01.93)

Richard Clarke (Univ of London BC/Kingston-upon-Thames/06.11.93)

Harry Glenister (Leander Club/Princes Risborough/02.07.95)*

George Hallewell (Nottingham RC/Nottingham/06.03.91)

Cameron Harrison (Tees RC/Alnwick/05.01.94)*

Andy Joel (Leander Club/Windsor/08.06.95)*

Callum Johnson (Tees RC/Truro/31.01.94)*

Rowan Law (Leander Club/Nottingham/01.12.96)*

Chris Lawrie (Sir William Borlase/Bourne End/21.04.97)*

George Stewart (Molesey BC/Esher/14.04.95)*

Jon Stimpson (Nottingham RC/Gex, France/18.07.90)

Sam Twine (Reading Univ BC/Tavistock/06.01.94)*

Tristan Vouilloz (Imperial College BC/Lewes/22.09.93)


David Ambler (St Pauls School BC/London/04.12.97)*/Chris Heywood (Molesey BC/Ascot/29.05.94)*

Patrick Boomer (Univ of London BC/Lisburn/30.08.94)*/Charles Middleton (Univ of London BC/Southfields/24.06.95)*

Cameron Buchan (Leander Club/Dunipace/03.12.92)/Matt Rossiter (Leander Club/Newbury/25.09.89)

Chetan Chauhan-Sims (Durham Univ BC/London/30.08.96)*/Edward Gleadowe (Durham Univ BC/Helford/01.11.93)*

Timothy Clarke (Leander Club/Henley-on-Thames/07.04.91)/Thomas Ford (Leander Club/Holmes Chapel/03.10.92)

Rory Gibbs (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Lane End/03.04.94)*/Matthew Aldridge (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Christchurch/11.03.96)*

Michael Glover (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Burnham/03.06.95)*/Morgan Bolding (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Withiel/13.05.95)*

Alex Haynes (Newcastle Univ BC/Cookham Dean/10.10.96)*/Oli Knight (Newcastle Univ BC/Addlestone/15.09.95)*

Toby Heaton (Imperial College BC/Bath/09.03.96)*/Ben Thomas (Imperial College BC/Boston/18.05.94)*/Oliver Hines (Imperial College BC/Kingston-upon-Thames/08.10.94)*/Graham Ord (Edinburgh Univ BC/Hamilton/23.02.95)*

Matt Hnatiw (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Cardiff/04.05.94)*/Will Hall (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Winchester/08.05.94)*

Calum Irvine (Edinburgh Univ BC)*/Rufus Scholefield (Edinburgh Univ BC)*

Robbie Massey (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Shrewsbury/14.12.92)/Richard Hume (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Southampton/12.04.95)*

Luke Moon (Molesey BC/Deal/25.03.93)/Sam Whittaker (Molesey BC/Shrewsbury/04.03.92)

Will New (Newcastle Univ BC)*/James Robson (Newcastle Univ BC/Bury St Edmunds/06.08.94)*

James Rudkin (Newcastle Univ BC/Northampton/07.07.94)*/Lewis McCue (Robert Gordon Uni/Aberdeen/26.12.94)*

Barnaby Stentiford (Leander Club/Ippleden/06.02.91)/Adam Neill (Leander Club/Peterborough/29.05.90)

Henry Swarbrick (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Richmond/05.04.94)*/James Stanhope (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Hampton/02.09.94)*



Katie Bartlett (Nottingham RC/Nottingham/02.02.94)*

Caitlin Boyland (Nottingham RC/East Grinstead/05.03.93)

Lucy Burgess (Agecroft RC/Swindon/27.04.94)*

Emily Carmichael (Leander Club/Cheltenham/29.05.92)

Anastasia Chitty (Oxford Univ Women’s BC/London/07.12.93)

Sam Courty (Reading RC/Alnwick/07.01.93)

Isabelle Drinkwater (Reading Univ BC/Leicester/24.08.97)*

Rebecca Girling (Molesey BC/Fareham/03.12.89)

Charlotte Hodgkins-Byrne (Univ of London BC/Hereford/08.10.96)*

Mathilda Hodgkins-Byrne (Reading Univ BC/Hereford/01.10.94)*

Helen O’Riordan (Newcastle Univ BC/Taplow/01.02.95)

Ruth Siddorn (Oxford Univ Women’s BC/Broxton/09.03.96)*

Melissa Wilson (Cambridge Univ BC/Edinburgh/10.06.93)


Jess Brown (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Bognor/08.06.90)/Susie Dear (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Hampshire/31.03.93)

Beth Bryan (Tees RC/Stockton-on-Tees/23.04.93)/Jo Wratten (Tees RC/Middlesbrough/23.03.92)

Rebecca Edwards (Molesey BC/Dungannon/20.08.93)/Helen Roberts (Molesey BC/Durham/21.01.90)

Alex Flynn (Exeter Univ BC/Marlow/31.01.95)*/Oluwaseun Olusanya (Exeter Univ BC/Exeter/03.09.93)*

Emily Ford (Newcastle Univ BC/Holmes Chapel/08.11.94)*/Nicole Lamb (Newcastle Univ BC/Hexham/20.01.93)*

Fiona Gammond (Leander Club/Bicester/19.10.92)/Katherine Douglas (Leander Club/Edinburgh/03.08.89)

Fionnuala Gannon (Univ of London BC/Esher/08.07.97)*/Georgia Statham (Univ of London BC/Haslemere/02.03.95)*

Lauren Kedar (Oxford Univ Women’s BC/Reading/13.08.95)*/Maddy Badcott (Oxford Univ Women’s BC/London/15.06.95)*

Caragh McMurtry (Southampton Coalporters/Southampton/22.08.91)/Rebecca Chin (Agecroft RC/Deganwy/11.12.91)

Gabby Rodgriguez (Molesey BC/Bath/23.12.89)/Aimee Jonckers (Molesey BC/Maidenhead/07.07.90)

Annie Withers (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Kingston/22.02.93)/Ailish Sheehan (Univ of London BC)





Matt Bedford (Univ of London BC/Maidenhead/21.01.91)

Hugo Coussens (Durham Univ BC/Henley-on-Thames/07.07.96)*

Matthew Curtis (Edinburgh Univ BC/Durham/14.10.95)*

Alastair Douglass (Molesey BC/Shepperton/22.06.95)*

Edward Fisher (Leander Club/Nottingham/16.04.94)*

John Hale (Imperial College BC/Cambridge/28.02.88)

Oliver Hayward (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Isle of Wight/22.05.94)*

Gavin Horsburgh (Edinburgh Univ BC/Lochwinnow/26.08.97)*

Thomas Hutchinson (Newcastle Univ BC/Ponteland/10.11.95)*

Jonathan Jackson (Leander Club/Henley-on-Thames/02.06.95)*

Paul Jones (Imperial College BC/London/03.06.92)

Iain Mandale (Imperial College BC/Surbiton/27.01.93)

Sebastian Matthews (Norwich RC/Norwich/02.12.96)*

Gregor Maxwell (Edinburgh Univ BC/Humbie/31.07.93)

Oliver Morgan (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Henley/20.09.93)*

Ben Reeves (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Wilmslow/10.05.94)*

James Richards (Univ of London BC/Goring-on-Thames/24.06.94)*

Frazer Russell (Molesey BC/Marlow/25.01.97)

James Stevenson (Newcastle Univ BC/Edinburgh/05.02.97)*

Barnaby Stroud-Turp (Newcastle Univ BC/Chiswick/16.07.94)*

James Temple (Edinburgh Univ BC/Kew/14.04.96)*

Sam Tuck (Molesey BC/Peterborough/26.02.93)

Ollie Varley (Newcastle Univ BC/Durham/06.12.95)*



Maddie Arlett (Edinburgh Univ BC/Selkirk/07.06.94)*

Amelia Carlton (Wallingford RC/Putney/10.07.94)*

Susannah Duncan (Exeter Univ BC/Aiguebelette, France/13.05.97)*

Louise Hart (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Ross-on-Wye/20.07.89)

Robyn Hart-Winks (Edinburgh Univ BC/Kirriemuir/07.10.93)

Ellie Lewis (Agecroft RC/Marlow/14.04.94)*

Imogen Mackie (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Exeter/26.03.95)*

Emma McDonald (Glasgow Univ BC/Lochwinnoch/11.10.94)*

Suzi Perry (Univ of London BC/Liphook/04.06.92)

Camilla Plumb (Peterborough City RC/Peterborough/08.06.97)*

Fran Rawlins (Leander Club/Uckfield/08.07.86)

Mary Wilson (Wallingford RC/Nottingham/08.04.94)*




Chris Au (Imperial College BC/Barnet/06.08.93)*

Harry Brightmore (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Chester/01.07.94)*

Charlie Clarke (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Liverpool/16.12.95)*

Rory Copus (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Oxford/27.03.91)

Ian Middleton (Cambridge Univ BC/Oxford/27.06.95)*


Sasha Adwani (Newcastle Univ BC/Oxford/27.06.96)*

Matilda Horn (Univ of London BC/Windsor/16.08.92)*

Alexandra Wenyon (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Worcester/17.04.96)*

Sophie Wrixon (Exeter Univ BC)*


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